Daily sex rejuvenates the body – scientists

British scientists during large-scale studies have clearly proved the benefits of daily sex. It turned out that such a mode of intimate relationships promotes the continuing rejuvenation of the body and postpones the aging process, reports VistaNews.

The hormone oxytocin produced in the body during sexual pleasure, has the ability to influence the speed of recovery of muscle cells. In addition, together with adrenaline, which is when the sex inevitably is injected into the blood, the “love hormone” can increase the tone until the optimal values are not diminishing during the day. An important psychological factor. People experiencing positive emotions, a priori extend your life.

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Daily sex is particularly beneficial effect on the female body. The menstrual cycle is established in a stable range, decreases the pain threshold. In addition, women and men strengthen their cardiovascular system. There is another aspect, which is widely known and many tested in practice. Morning sex helps to get rid of withdrawal symptoms those who the night before did not calculate with the amount of alcohol. This is due to the fact that testosterone and prolactin excrete toxins.

Informed scientists call the useful properties of the one-night stand.