In Ukraine will change dramatically weather: thunderstorms, snow and cold

Ukrainians in the coming days, expect the rainy and cloudy weather. By the end of this week, wet snow will be to the East of the country. On Sunday the thermometer column will fall to 7-9 degrees above zero, and on Monday will warm up to 13-14 degrees. The website “Today” found out what weather to expect Ukrainians.

The weather forecast for a week

On Saturday, the eighth of April, the air temperature in Ukraine will fluctuate in the range 9-12 degrees. While much of the country heavy rains. In Rivne, Volyn, Lviv, Ternopil and Transcarpathian regions – partly cloudy, the air in the West of Ukraine will be warmed up to 9-12 degrees above zero.

In the South, according to the forecast Ukrhidroenerho, the day will warm up to 11-13 degrees. In the center, on the North and East – from 9 to 13 degrees above zero.

Weather forecast for April 8. Photo: Ukrgidromet

Sunday in the East of Ukraine is expected to rain with sleet. So, in the Kharkiv region in the afternoon the thermometer column will rise only to the level of four to six degrees Celsius. In Lugansk and Donetsk regions in the afternoon the air warms up to 6-8 degrees. In the rest of Ukraine is expected on this day, partly cloudy. The thermometer column will fluctuate in the range of 7-10 degrees Celsius.

Weather forecast for April 9. Photo: Ukrgidromet

In the beginning of next week the Ukrainians waiting for the warming. So, in the afternoon the air warms up to 15-17 degrees Celsius in the South and West of the country. In the centre and in Kiev, the temperature will fluctuate in the range of 12-14 degrees above zero. On the North and East from 8 to 10 degrees above zero.

The weather forecast for April 10. Photo: Ukrgidromet

Tuesday, April 11, at the West will pass storm rains, the temperature will fluctuate in the range of 13-15 degrees above zero. In the centre, the North and the South will warm up to 17 degrees in the afternoon. In the East the temperature will fluctuate in the range of 12-14 degrees above zero.

National weather forecast

The eighth of April is observed as the Cathedral of the Archangel Gabriel and revered the memory of St. Basil the New, informs a portal “Weatherman”. Women in this day and graduated from the latter yarn, and those who continued to spin, said: “I will Not go for the future.” If this day the sunrise light, so soon the snow melts completely. Our ancestors noticed, what is the weather for the eighth of April is it will be the eighth of October, and Vice versa.

Ninth APR revered the memory of the Martyr Matrona of Solunsky. The people called the Holy Matrona Naslovnica, because at this time are morning frosts, and the snow from them, freezes, and people go like “crust”. With warm edges keep coming back birds: Buntings, lapwing, Lapwings. If the lapwing flies low to prolonged dry weather; if he shouts since evening – to clear weather. If spring ice sinks or remains on the shore, the summer will be cold.

April 10, the Church celebrates the memory of Saint venerable Martyr Eustratius of the caves and St. Hilarion the New. In earlier times this day if ended in a freezing, driving the cattle to pasture. Depending on the air temperature this day flying bumblebees and mosquitoes. Our ancestors continued to observe the birds and make them forecast the weather: if the birds made their nests on the Sunny side, expected cold summer, if on the shady side, the summer promised to be warm.

April 11 marks the day of memory of venerable Mark, Bishop of Arethuseia. Our ancestors on this day, watched the geese: if they are flying high – the water will be a lot of low – to low autumn water. Birch SAP our ancestors to Mark unsolder patients: clean the blood, expel the diseases from the stomach. At this time, break down the buds of the black currant, viburnum, red elderberry.

12 APR revered the memory of the monk John of the ladder. April 12, in the old days of bird-watching: if the wild ducks flew fat – spring is cold and long; and if you suddenly stop craving woodcock — wait for the imminent cold weather or snow. At this time the buds burst maple.

On April 13, the Church celebrates the day of St. Jonah, of St. innocent and St. Hypatia. People Hypatia is revered as the resolver of neplatite and ascadia. Our ancestors continued to observe migratory birds and to draw conclusions about the upcoming weather. If migratory birds hohlasa, good weather don’t wait; arriving in the spring, long chirp – to cold; suddenly silent – the storm.