10 most harmful combinations of products

Even the most useful products in combination may harm your health, according to likar.info.

  • Fruit with any other food

Remember, the fruit need to eat separately! The fact is that they are quickly digested in the stomach. However, if you eat fruit with a meal or after a meal, they can linger long in the stomach, leading to fermentation, which can injure the walls of the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Starchy carbs and meat

Who doesn’t love potatoes with meat! But you should know that this combination is extremely badly to our body. And the whole reason that starchy foods are fermented in the stomach and protein – rot. Thus, after a meal one starts to feel bloated, until the appearance of colic. The best option would be to replace the potato with asparagus or other vegetables.

  • Yogurt and fruit

Most manufacturers of yogurt is added to these dairy products fruit. So they become much tastier. But you should know that the bacteria contained in yogurt can react with fructose, which leads to the appearance of toxic substances. So increases the likelihood of developing respiratory and allergic diseases.

  • Green tea with milk

To combine green tea with milk is undesirable because milk components negate the beneficial properties of green tea. Moreover, milk protein can make green tea complex for assimilation. It is best to drink green tea with lemon.

  • The wine with dessert

Wine is better never to eat cakes, candies and fruits. The fact that alcohol increases the production of insulin in the body. If at this time to consume simple sugars, they will turn into fat. Best wine to drink with foods having a low glycemic index, the same cheese with mold, as do the French.

  • Coffee and bread

Soluble (or custard), coffee, and sandwiches – standard Breakfast and snack for many office workers. Actually, the harm from this combination is not, but coffee prevents the absorption of b vitamins, which in large quantities are contained in the bread.

  • Cottage cheese with jam or marmalade

By itself, the cheese is not very tasty, especially low-fat varieties. To make it tastier, many people prefer to add jam or marmalade. Note that after this Goodies you have, most likely, will start swelling and there will be unpleasant sensations in the stomach.

  • Honey and hot drinks

Never add honey in hot tea or any other beverage whose temperature is above 40 degrees. At this temperature, the honey loses all its useful properties. Moreover, when heated in the honey formed toxic substances, so it is always better to have a bit of sugar.

  • Ice cream and soda

This is one of the most dangerous combinations that you can think of. Unfortunately, our children often use these products together. When used ice cream and soda there is severe swelling and heaviness in the abdomen that lasts for hours. To avoid such consequences, doctors advise after ice cream to drink plain water, or at least tea or coffee, but not soda.

  • Porridge with sugar

You will be surprised, but it is better to eat porridge without sugar. So, adding sugar to cereal, you will dramatically increase the level of glucose in the blood. Starch contained in cereals, and is converted into simple sugars, and in addition you also fill it with sugar. And this is a loading dose of sugar, which will force your pancreas to work hard.

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