“Vladimir Vinnitsa” and the victory of the Ukrainian pluralism

Well, that happened. E-petition against the renaming of prospect Nikolai Vatutin Avenue Roman Shukhevych scored 10 of thousands of signatures in record time — 42 days before the end of the procedure of their collection. And now the Council’s Secretariat should promptly implement the authentication of signatures. False to cancel the right to consider and to respond correctly.

In the sense that the Commission consider an e-petition within five days. And then another two days to spend on the provision of information about results of consideration. And the prospect, meanwhile, will carry the old name.

Well, what can I say? Normal people are happy that their city will not be the Avenue named after the man who a dozen years with a gun in the hands of the SS-hauptsturmführer, commander of the UPA (of extremist and banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.) has decided to “Hebrew”, “Polish”, “Ruthenian-Communist” matters, cutting out the remainder of the media “anti-contamination”. Not bypassing with Ukrainians, if they suddenly were expressed as the opposition or were suspected of this disagreement. “Our government must be terrible!”, — said friend and senior fellow-mentor Shukhevych and Stephan Bandera who already received their “place” in the toponymy of Kiev. But Stefan at least didn’t cut anyone personally, because the war was attached to a German concentration camp and there, as recalled by Petro Yushchenko, “was used to good coffee.” But, he loved it personally. To shoot, to shoot, to hang, to hang, to cut the living commies, so to nag: “it is Not necessary to think — with us the one/Who decides everything for us”. Pan Adolf do a lot for the UPA decided not yet caught the back of my head the last bullet from the adjutant, who put an end to the “thousand-year Reich”, opryshkiv of gas cans body “the best friend of OUN-UPA” (extremist and banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.)…

Are happy and that Avenue will be named man — army General Nikolai Vatutin, who liberated the city from the allies of the UPA Shukhevych, was killed during this later and was buried in the liberated city. The rewriting of history in favor of market conditions and the mockery of the memory in the form of revenge for the victory of 1945 in Kiev suspended. This, I repeat, normal people can not but rejoice.

On the other side of the street — the mourning, the wailing and disappointment. How many “nesvidomyh” not cut or strung on springy wire right behind the neck while Shukhevych and many not waste bits during and after the “revolution of gidnost”! Director of the Ukrainian Institute of naramata (winp) Volodymyr viatrovych, actually still can not “bagnati” what happened. It is, as they say now, in deep prostration.

But already lit and scored in search of cookies one Alexander paly, long been remaining without supervision for nurses and therefore calls himself a “historian”. He has already expressed the hope that Kiev will see the light. Cast out of the street, which was merely, in his words, “one of the Soviet generals”, who was responsible including the mobilization of Ukrainians into the Red Army and therefore responsible for the killings of unarmed. But before Shukhevych “will grow” and you will understand how hard it was for him to betray Hitler and to lead the national liberation struggle against the Komsomol, teachers and nurses who came to Galicia to teach and heal the Galicians, and their (Komsomol) had to kill to fill with their corpses the wells. Agree, this is not “the brown plague of the XX century” win in open battle. Here nous animal “love to nenky” and aging is needed when living body of a five-pointed star with a kitchen knife or bayonet cut. Until the early 50-ies of the last century, when in the rest of Ukraine have already begun to heal the wounds of war…

In short, Kiev has demonstrated a penchant for pluralism. What do you think. Garant same ancient nation said that “such a level of freedom that is now, including for civil society, this level is unprecedented: never in the history of Ukraine Ukraine has not had this level of freedom, including against journalists, including in relation to public figures…”? Said.

“Ukraine is a unitary, sovereign, independent, democratic, social, legal state, an equal member of the world community. That is the state we are building! And all attempts of the Russian neoimperial military action, terrorist attacks, cyber attacks or other aggressive actions to stop us on this path is doomed! Today, only a strong national government able to ensure the protection and development of Ukraine. The basis of this state should be the law one for all without exceptions and limitations. Equality of rights, equality of responsibilities, equality of responsibility for their country….Crumble like sand castles, the Empire will disappear notorious dictators, and Ukraine was, is and will be!” — said that the Secretary of the Council of national security and defense Alexander Turchinov, celebrating the day of the Constitution, which allows citizens of Ukraine to love by choice and Shukhevych and Vatutin? No doubt, spoke and wrote. How pishutsya democratic and pluralistic Ukraine, the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy or Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, just a pleasure to watch. So what do you want, my dear? Pluralism in action is. He to speak, and from the attacks and accusations of any nonsense to defend helps.

Or here are recent examples of similar pluralism strengthen democracy in the country, making the lives of its citizens brighter and happier. Recently Russia said that out of the joint Ukraine project on production of Russo-Ukrainian regional passenger plane An-148 Kiev design Bureau named Antonov. The last two will finish and go. His production has been deployed at the facilities of the Voronezh aircraft manufacturing company, and Kyiv aircraft factory “Aviant” and was conducted under Ukrainian license. But in 2016 due to rupture of cooperation ties with suppliers from Russia, Ukraine there were no the An-148 and modifications of the An-158 with an increased passenger capacity. And you know why?

Russia is the aggressor, wants to scare Ukraine and Ukrainians, to chop off their territory, to privatize the story, and that. But Ukraine is not like that. She took and broke all ties with “Mordor”. And now proud of myself. But none of the aircraft was not released. And because there is nothing to frighten us. Moreover, in February of this year it became known that the company “Antonov” will continue production of the an-148 after the replacement of the Russian equipment. If the money is there for this change and production, and buyers — produced. But pride-that pluralistic overflow? No doubt: defended our democracy, defended….

And how do you inflexibility on the water? The press service of the shipbuilding holding Smart Maritime Group, which unites the Nikolaev and Kherson shipyard, recently for some reason written, that can not perform work on the construction of a Corvette “Vladimir the Great”. That is unable to complete its construction, to float and put into operation the defenders of the “Raska”. Why? Yes, because government funding the completion of the ship was never fully implemented. Within the task of the defense program, the shipbuilders had to 16.2 billion hryvnia for the construction of a series of ships of class “Corvette”, but from 2009 to 2013, the state transferred all 215,3 million hryvnias, that is 1/75 part. The money paid as advance payment under international contracts. “In the beginning of 2014, state funding was completely frozen “in respect of military-political situation in the country.” In October 2014, the company was forced to halt work on the project. Full payment according to the contracts with other contractors for the supply of equipment and weapons became impossible. This led to the forced violation of the shipbuilding enterprise of the law on foreign trade operations and, as a consequence, the imposition of the state fiscal authorities of penalties — about 100 million hryvnia,” — so petty as someone else’s vote, according to Smart Maritime Group Ukraine.

What? And anything: the contract value of the project of a Corvette with 2009 increased more than two times, today is corpus-based work on a “Vladimir the Great” is 80%, and the technical readiness of the lead ship of only 17%. On the completion of the necessary order of four years. But is it important? Unless it can scare the most ancient nation in the world? In September last year, it was decided: Corvette “Vladimir the Great” will be renamed to… “Vinnitsa”. And then someone else will think that “Vladimir the Great” is a… Putin. Yes, the one who has “stolen” from Ukraine her Prince Vladimir the Great and immortalized him in the neighborhood near the Kremlin in Moscow. But, it turns out, ate aggressor. There is nothing to oppose the Ukrainian pluralism and democracy, like now “Vinnitsa”…

…But could this Putin read that 100 years ago wrote his namesake Vladimir Lenin in the article “Ukraine and the defeat of the ruling parties of Russia”: “Give the Ukrainians is said the mind, because otherwise it will be worse, force the Ukrainians will not hold, and only embitter. Will yield to the Ukrainians you will then open the road to trust between both Nations, to their brotherly Union as equals!”. Right, Lenin was right. Now in Ukraine democracy, pluralism and freedom, and Russia, though living richer, but suffers a defeat on the ground, in the sky and on the water…