Huge house and cars: the media found a young attorney who lives on the salary

33-the summer Deputy chief of Department of international legal cooperation and European integration of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine (GPU) Dmitry Petrov has declared property worth considerably in excess of his official income. This writes PROSUD.

According to the declarations of the Prosecutor for 2015 and 2016, the main income is wages to the GPU. However, significant funds Petrov received from the sale of property.

So, according to the publication, in 2015, Petrov sold two apartments: one in the Pechersk district of Kyiv (44 sq m), another native of the Prosecutor the city of cherry (65 sq m); and Toyota Prado 2012 release.

Dmitry Petrov. Photo:

The use of Petrov remained apartment of 80 sq. m in Kiev, which belongs to Olga Zakrevskaya. This property is declared as place of registration, and not charged.

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“In 2015, Dmitry Petrov declares the purchase of two plots of land at a very attractive price. In the same year the Declaration appear two unfinished house area is 152 and 279 sq m in Khodosivka village, Kyiv region. From the registry of rights to immovable property, we find that another plot of land in Khodosivka Dmitry Petrov purchased in 2016, but the Declaration is the cost of acquisition of the third phase we do not find”, – noted in the material.

Also in 2016 Petrov purchased a new Toyota Corolla 2016 release, motorvations and trailer. While the declared price of the property twice the income Petrova received in 2016.

In addition, the property of the Prosecutor is purchased in 2013 jet ski BRP GTI 130 2013 issue and two trailers. Also in the Declaration Petrov stated 134 thousand dollars in cash.