Why Millennials are having sex less than members of generation X: a scientific response

Romantic relationship generation X were very different from those that came before them, and it is not surprising that sex and attitudes of Millennials are not like anything from the past.

According to researchers from the University of San Diego under the guidance of Professor Jean Twenge, “Millennials have the most liberal sexual relationships than any generation, although I prefer to have sex with fewer partners than members of generation X at the same age,” reports “New time” with reference to the Maxim.

Thus, Millennials have the most free and the least reprehensible sex, but they have less sexual relations.

According to the latest report of the Centre for control and prevention of diseases of the United States, the documented decline in sexual activity among adolescents: group 15 to 19 years, 42% women and 44% of men reported the frequency of sex considerably less than the 51% of women and 60% of men in 1988.

“Definitely not true that Millennials have more sex than everyone else,” says a Professor of sociology at Occidental College Lisa Wade.

In addition, Dr. Wade has told me why could it happen that having a lot of options and all the freedom in the world, Millennials are not indiscriminate links.

“What has definitely changed is the basis for sexual activity,” he says and explains that the term “date” now has a different meaning than in past generations.

Simply put, before, when two people walked out, in nine cases out of ten, this meant that they were looking for a romantic relationship, which they hoped would lead to marriage. Today, very often two people going out on a date, absolutely do not want anything but sex.

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Because of this change in the perception of Dating, we choose other ways of communication and interaction: “Suddenly all working on other scripts or patterns of interaction and behaviour”.

“Script “just sex” is always tangibly present, so very difficult to understand which one to use with another person, what uses the other person, and when you need to switch. Everything just became more confusing,” says Wade.

The doctor explains that in this new context and a new form of communication is a safer bet than the scenario of “just sex” because you won’t look desperate and you will avoid failure, wanting nothing more than sex.

“People can actually be cared about each other and want romance, or do not want, but each of them must play a lack of interest,” says a scientist.

Thus, the problem is that Millennials feel that they need to act like they don’t care about anybody and act like you really don’t want a relationship. However, even if they act like they don’t want emotional ties, in fact many young people looking for a relationship with a potential life partner.

“I suspect that sex for young people is finding a partner… so sex is not really for fun, but for this other purpose is to find someone,” concluded Wade.