Such winner will not help your sport

Victory at the “Tour de Ski” was won by Russian, which, however, is not encouraging. This is in particular due to the fact that even before the competition they were overshadowed by one event: the international Olympic Committee (IOC) initiated — to begin disciplinary proceedings against 28 Russian participants of the winter Olympic games in Sochi in 2014. The reason was the report by investigator Richard McLaren (Richard McLaren), showing that the Russian government orchestrated manipulation of doping samples of the athletes.

Therefore, the international ski Federation (FIS), previously suspended six Russian skiers, among them Alexander the passenger cars that once became the winner of “Tour de Ski” and Eugenia Belova, who in the past has taken the second place in the race. Almost simultaneously 104 of the skier signed a letter to the IOC and FIS, in which they criticized the ski Federation, as they had not taken sufficient measures after the publication of the report of McLaren. The day before the start of the “Tour de Ski” FIS rejected the claim of passenger cars and Belov about his suspension.

He never showed weakness

And now the victory at the race was won by their teammate. Sergey Ustyugov was leading them so as no one before him did not do: he won five races, never showed weakness. This skier did not come suddenly: a 24-year-old athlete, who grew up in a small town in Western Siberia, as a Junior, five-time champion of the world, then three gold medals at the world Championship among youth and juniors (U-23). His former coach Burgermeister Reto (Reto Burgermeister) characterizes it as “the biggest talent that has ever existed in the world of ski racing”.

Even the exceptional talent you have to earn your success through hard work. Obviously, with Ustyugov, it’s different. “Last spring, he didn’t want to train or eat,” says Burgermeister, which until the summer working in the Russian Federation. According to him, Ustyugov has refused to follow a training plan providing for an annual burden of 800 hours. Burgermeister noticed that he was trained on 20% less, which means that the volume of training were one-third less than that of Dario Cologny. Against this background, Burgermeister finds largely suspicious of the current achievement of Ustyugov. His new coach Markus Cramer (Markus Cramer) has a different opinion. He praises ward for his diligence in training; according to Kramer, he has rather to restrain his eagerness.

A dark past

Although Ustyugov started in Sochi, and also belongs to the Federation, which obviously has benefited from the state doping system against the Russians, the presumption of innocence. But it certainly is not the winner of “Tour de Ski”, which is now the desired world of ski racing, to eliminate the shadow of suspicion of doping.

It’s not just about the turmoil of recent months. This sport for many years constantly finds himself in the vortex of a major doping stories. So, for example, happened in 2001, when the truth was revealed about the Finns, and on a home world Championships in Lahti. They worked with the expander affecting the blood plasma (Blutplasma-Expander), the scandal was involved and the coaches. Six skiers were suspended, including myllyla Mika (Mika Myllylä) and Harry Kirvesniemi (Harri Kirvesniemi). To recover from such a blow to the Finnish ski race could not for many years.

In 2006 it was the turn of the Austrians. During the search during the Olympic games in Turin, the police discovered they have banned additives. Coach Walter Mayer (Walter Mayer) was trying to escape by car, drove to the roadblock. It disqualified for life six Austrian skiers and biathletes banned from participation in the Olympics.

And finally, there were shocks in the Norwegian Federation. In the summer of her two “star” members suspected of doping. Martin Sundby (Sundby Martin) was suspended for two months due to a too high dose medications from asthma; he was stripped of his title of racing champion 2015. In samples Johaug Therese (Therese Johaug) found steroid that she explained the use of the cream for the lips. Johaug is still disqualified; it did not get the opportunity to confirm his title of champion of the “Tour de Ski”. Sundby cheerfully participated in the race. On Sunday, he became the second.

Today no one would argue to put your property on the fact that the final ranking of these races will be cherished forever.