How to keep the young beauty tips for skin care for Teens

It’s hard to find the teenager, whose skin would be smooth. Now, in addition to hormonal changes, it feel the strength and heat, increasing the sebaceous glands. We will understand how to anticipate the main problems with young skin and to solve them, if they have already arisen. Our expert Oksana Techlivez, dermatologist-cosmetologist, chief physician of the clinic TOP laser.


Blackheads are a result of the strengthened work of sebaceous glands, and not the result of clogging of pores with dust. Another reason for the increased regeneration of the skin, causing its surface accumulates greater amount of dead skin cells, which turn into hateful black dots.

Points there rod. Because solve the problem one to “erase” will not work — you need to remove them by the roots. And this procedure is better to trust the professionals: “snatching” is complicated process. Only a doctor knows how to “drag” the rod, the force with which to put pressure on him, and has at its disposal effective means for loosening the skin before removal.

But at home, you can reduce the scale of the problem. It can be done. First rasparte skin over any herbal decoction for 15 minutes, covering your head with a towel. Next — Bessarabia the skin, so as not to bring germs to it when you remove the points, because the procedure is somewhat traumatic for her. As an antiseptic, you cannot use alcohol-containing lotions: alcohol dry out the skin, sebaceous glands begin to work harder and will strengthen the “point” of the problem. In addition, alcohol leads to the formation on the skin of the film, and the removal of points difficult.

Now go rubbing motions on problem areas baking soda. Well cope with this task the crushed tablets of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin). You can now remove the “rods” by pressing on them with fingers wrapped in a sterile bandage. If to push “the naked hands”, can seriously injure the skin. After the procedure, again, use a lotion without alcohol.

It is also effective to clean the skin at home will help special machines designed for this purpose. They should be used with caution, and always carefully read the instructions.


The main condition for the reduction of oily skin — not to overdry it eliminates oily Shine. Otherwise the skin, “trying” to restore balance in the epidermis begins to produce more fat. Better after washing, wipe the skin with lemon: this will remove the remains of grease and a few moisturizing fruit acids. After in any case not apply to the skin nourishing cream (he’s fat): better use a moisturizing. Wash and moisturize the skin enough in the morning and evening, but if the day was hot or you exercise, it’s worth doing during the day.

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Everyone, especially Teens who have a problem of an increase in oily skin, you can’t go in the sun without applying sunscreen with an SPF of 50. The fact that, being protected from ultraviolet radiation, the skin thickens: it is difficult to release the subcutaneous fat and sweating of the skin. In the end, appear black spots, acne and increased Shine.


If the skin is “bumps” (at least of acne, even acne) without redness, you can accelerate their ripening. As often as possible throughout the day apply the swab dipped in a very salty water solution (salty water should be so intense that it was more like a brine). Then, pus will either rise up or the acne will resolve.
And when the pimple or acne has matured (at the top there was a bubble of white, yellow or green), pre-wiping the skin on the “bump” and some lotion (without alcohol), gently squeeze out the contents of the bubbles. Before the procedure is recommended to be wiped with an alcoholic solution fingers. Then attach the resulting wound swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide. This cleans it and sear it, which will accelerate the scarring of the skin and healing.


Hormonal system of a teenager rebuilds is not linear. Because in it there is an imbalance that triggers the development of skin problems. Hormonal balance is disrupted and the abundance of simple carbohydrates in the diet: chocolate, biscuits, cakes, pastries, fast food, sugary sodas, as well as the absorption of margarine, palm oil, etc., so eat correctly.

Experience is also a provocateur: as the hormonal system depends on the “feeling” nervous. Teen seeks to be an adult, but not ready to take responsibility for their actions and decisions, he is afraid of the future, it is not perceived as a Mature person, and it depresses him. To avoid nervous breakdowns, is to exercise or learn meditation.

To skin feeling fresh and clean once a week, apply on skin for 15-20 minutes, the mask from dairy products, oatmeal porridge, a yolk and 3-4 drops of vitamin E. But first, wash and wipe the face with a disc, moistened with Apple or grape vinegar in a ratio with water of 1:1.