Surprise your liver: how to choose a good mineral water and soda

Winter holidays than champagne and Olivier cannot do without soda, bottles of which every house does not run out until the end of January. Water sales for the new year weekend, according to the owner of a small shop in the residential district of the capital Vladimir wojtkowska comparable to the first month of the heat. And since the holidays are not over yet, “Today” has found how to choose the right mineral and sweet soda. What to look for when choosing beverages, we were told the technologist of food production Elena Swirl and the doctor-gastroenterologist Olga vasiltsova.


After the holidays I want to “fix” health through water. But it is necessary to choose carefully so as not to make worse the already exhausted body. Remember: mineral water is a dining room, and sometimes therapeutic. In the morning a mineral content up to 1 gram per liter, this water does not load the body, and you can drink it in unlimited quantities. And in medical and medical-table water minerals more than 1 gram per liter. This, literally “live” water is better to drink not more than 1 liter per day. Another rule: drinking water you can buy in the store, but healing is better in pharmacy. Useful properties of “living” water stores only in glass, in plastic, it ceases to be useful just after 2 weeks. In glass shelf life — 2 years.

Choosing water, read the label: be sure it should stand instructions for use (for what diseases is recommended), number, name and address wells, bottling date and details of the manufacturer. If the water has sediment (it is only possible for highly mineralized waters), this is indicated on the label. For medical and medical-table waters is not to cook: they can only drink.


Buy water better with sufficient lighting because it is necessary to pay attention to its color. It should not be very bright and natural. Although there are natural bright food dyes: beaten beetroot pigment, which gives the drink a variety of red shades, or harmless chlorophyll extract from the plant, which will stain the sweet soda green. “Caramel” — ordinary burnt sugar, and beta-carotene, a derivative of carrots, which will give the water an orange tint. Of course, it is better to buy water in a transparent container, which can be seen in the light. The sediment at the bottom of the bottle says poor-quality liquor, the soda even when shaking should not be muddy. Look to the bubbles: quality beverage they slowly detach from the walls.

Before to read the label, pay attention to how it is attached, and in its design. Smoothly, neatly and securely pasted “information” suggests that the water is bottled and Packed at the factory conveyor. Traces of glue on the bottle, uneven or poorly attached paper is often evidence of artisanal production. Note on design: major manufacturers contribute to the unique style that is readable on all waters. Well, if you specify logo. Tacky, flashy or too simple label design suggests that the manufacturer saves on the designer, and therefore can save on technology.

If the label is satisfied, to get a grasp: there must necessarily contain information about the manufacturer (address and contacts), date of bottling and expiration date. The more you know about the manufacturer, the better. Important nutritional and energy values that unscrupulous manufacturers do not specify. Note to the price: good the water can not be cheap, at least 6 to 8 UAH/liter.


Sweet drinks, like mineral water does not like sunlight and frost, so should be stored in heated indoor storage. Go for it, better not into the nearest stall and in the supermarket or small shop, shop window which is not exposed to direct sunlight. Choose water famous manufacturers and factories with good reputation. In Ukraine, they are enough, because those that produce beer and soft drinks, successfully supply to the market and soda. Remember: for a good drink needs a good water purified and meet the standards. Treatment plant — the equipment is costly, so allow it to itself can only large producers.

Choosing water, carefully inspect the container. If it’s a glass (such drinks are more expensive on 25-30%, but better), the bottle should not be minimum chips, cracks, scratches. Plastic should also be free of external scratches, dents or damage. The bottle is “sophisticated” indicates improper conditions of storage or transport. Inspect the cover: it should fit snugly to the neck, the plastic strip is not damaged. For reliability turn: the neck should not pass air.


Choosing a beverage composition, we will focus on those that contain extracts. The inscription “taste” or “flavor, natural identical” means that the flavoring chemical. Natural sugar or natural substitutes (fructose, sorbitol) is better sweeteners, e.g. aspartame. Preservative conscientious manufacturer applies (CO2) — carbon dioxide kills some bacteria, so sweet drinks have such an impressive shelf life. Citric, malic or phosphoric acid — allowable preservatives, which content in the sweet water is negligible and does not threaten health (unless, of course, drinking not gallons). Thus, the phosphoric acid removes from the body calcium, and destroys tooth enamel, therefore, to cause minimal damage to teeth, soda is better to drink from a straw (as, indeed, and strong mineral water). Should not rinse your mouth these drinks.

Choose water with a low sugar content. It is possible to determine the amount of carbohydrates per 100 ml of water not more than 10 g should Not, in lemonade at the same time to contain vitamin C and sodium benzoate: the result is a carcinogen. Marking DSTU says that the recipe passed the state court, while TU is a private compounding that could allow liberty to, for example, reduce the cost of the production process.