Have adamant Putin also has “fears”? Will not believe

According to Reuters, July 8, the plane of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the way to the G20 summit, instead of a direct route, arrived via the Baltic sea. The plane made a detour of 500 kilometers to avoid flying over the territory of NATO countries.

Without a doubt, the President wanted to pass the territory of Poland!

It is reported that initially the aircraft with registration number RA-96 022 was supposed to go from Moscow through Belarus and Poland to Hamburg. In the end, the route of the presidential plane lay in the airspace of Finland and Sweden.

Aircraft leader flew to bypass Poland. Citizens of the countries of the West write in social networks: “It’s definitely because Putin is afraid of something!”

Russian free media comment on the Reuters story as follows: “Poland is a member of the Alliance, the leaders of the state have openly declared that Russia — the enemy of NATO, while Finland and Sweden are not members of the organization.

Putin’s plane made a detour of 500 kilometers, spending half an hour more to commit the maneuver. However a former KGB officer decided to “go round”, which caused great surprise among European Internet users.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said in an interview that he was not going to comment on Putin’s route to the summit. “I leave without comments that your question. Because of all the issues associated with the movement of the President, directly relate to it security,” Peskov said, adding that the security of the Russian President is at the proper level.

Choose flight over the Baltic sea, to fly away from the territory of NATO countries? What is more dangerous?

Nevertheless, the latest statistics show that over the past year, Putin has repeatedly flown directly through the country of the European Union, including in the airspace of Poland. For example, in may of 2017 during his visit to Europe the President of Russia was flying through Poland, or in October 2016, when Putin flew to the capital of Lithuania Vilnius.

It seems Putin has recently become more concerned about their safety. According to foreign media reports, when at the end of may Vladimir Putin has arrived on a visit to Paris at French President Makron, the Russian side has deployed three special aircraft: the first — flew directly to Paris, the second in Serbia, third — through Romania.

This time the President’s plane passed through the airspace of Poland and ideally would like to avoid the flight over the Baltic sea. Last month, the plane of the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu, during the flight over neutral waters of the Baltic sea, was spotted by NATO aircraft, which subsequently tried to accompany the plane of Russian defense Minister.

Based on the data of the Russian newspaper “Red star”, this time due to military exercises in mid-June, Russia 14 times prevented the approach of the foreign intelligence aircraft to the Russian border.


© AFP 2017, Saul LoebПрезидент of Russia Vladimir Putin and the President of the United States Donald trump during a meeting at the G20 summit in Hamburg. July 7, 2017

According to the Agency “Xinhua”, in April last year, the Russian military su-24 flew over the American ships in the Baltic sea.

Russia has repeatedly criticized NATO military exercises held in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and in the Baltic sea. After the Ukrainian crisis of 2014, NATO strengthened control over the region. Meanwhile, Poland became an Outpost of NATO in the confrontation with Russia.

In January a large number of American tanks and military vehicles were collected on the territory of Poland, and then redirected to Bulgaria, Romania and the Baltic States. At that time, many poles took American flags to greet the arriving American military.

Russian-Polish relations have always been complicated. Historically, both countries hold many grudges on each other. In April 2010, the President of Poland was Lech Kaczynski, was flying with his family to Smolensk, was killed due to the fact that the plane in heavy fog and collided with trees. Killed the President, his wife and several well-known Polish politicians. They were sent to Russia on a private visit to the ceremonies on the anniversary of the Katyn massacre. Thus, relations between Russia and Poland is seriously deteriorating.

The most anti-Russian-minded citizens of Eastern Europe “challenge” of Russia with the following statement: “it wasn’t the Red army of the Soviet Union liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp”.

After the death of Polish President Putin hugged Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, which was regarded as “spanned warmth” in relations between Russia and Poland.

Then, analysts believed that as acting President Bronislaw Komorowski is a close friend of Donald Tusk, it is likely that he will win the presidential election. In this regard, Moscow and Warsaw have a chance to restore economic and political ties.

However, the poles are confident that the accident happened for a reason, and that the death of the Polish President is part of the “conspiracy theory”. After four years, the Russian-Polish relations have not improved, and the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis even stronger worsen relations between the two countries. In 2015 during the celebration of the 70 anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war Poland said that Russia is exaggerating its role in the victory over fascism, to such an extent that “jarring”. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Grzegorz Schetyna said that Ukrainian soldiers liberated the concentration camp Auschwitz.

At these words, the Russian leadership responded firmly. Putin said that Russian people have made an enormous contribution to the struggle against fascism, and those who are trying to distort the history, they first deceive themselves, and deceive themselves is a disgrace and a betrayal. The past six months, Poland and Russia are still unable to reach agreement on key issues. At the end of last year, the Polish authorities have neglected the inter-state Treaty on friendly and neighbourly cooperation of 1992 and the intergovernmental agreement on burial sites and places of memory of victims of wars and repression from 1994 that require to take care of the monuments and decided to demolish the monument of gratitude to Soviet troops.

In March this year the Polish Prosecutor’s office stated that one of the laboratories were instructed to investigate the wreckage, which killed Lech Kaczynski, the presence of explosive residue. Because of the current situation of relations between Russia and Poland going through hard times.

Despite the lack of trust between the two countries, some military experts still find surprising is the fact that Putin last week to decide not to fly through Poland.

“Russia did not give promises of no first use of nuclear weapons, who then will dare to shoot down the presidential plane?” — one well-known military to Cankao xiaoxi.

According to experts, the real threat Russia is NATO plans on missile complex: the US in may last year began to build on Poland missile base “Egida”, officially it is planned to complete construction in 2018. Therefore, Russia plans to place in the Kaliningrad a rocket complex “Iskander”.

The confrontation between Russia and NATO continues to grow.

In that case, do you think that Putin is afraid of?