In India, the guy removed the Fang record length

18-year-old Orvil Patel from India entered the Guinness Book of records after he removed the Fang with a length of 3.67 cm, which were five millimeters higher than the previous record.

The guy turned to the dental clinic of his hometown of Vadodara for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons in February 2017, after the tooth was to stick him on the cheek, reports the Mirror.

The operation was under local anesthesia and lasted about 30 minutes.

Record tooth Patel broke the previous record set in Singapore in 2009, when the patient had removed the Fang with a length of 3.2 centimeters.

Usually the average length of the tooth in an adult is about two inches.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia, the stomatologist-the swindler has removed the patient’s healthy tooth 22.