Not a single coffee how to perk up in the morning

Shutting off the alarm five times in a row and gallons of coffee are not always able to cheer you up in the morning and energize for the whole day. But as the day begins, so spend it.

How quickly cheer up in the morning, knows Lisa calls and 10 effective ways.

1.Good start to the day

Wake up with joy. Instead of having to jump out of bed, allow yourself to lie down for five minutes and think about something pleasant. For example, coffee or a beautiful new red blouse that I will wear one today.

2. Getting out of bed

Make the lazy charge. All exercises, perform 10 times. Quickly clench and unclench your fists, squeeze and unclench your toes, lift your legs, roll the “bike” and then make “scissors”.

3. The fragrances

Best invigorating smell of coffee. It was his scent, not the taste! To such conclusion the group of scientists from Japan. Put it next to the bed a jar with coffee beans, and in the morning open it and take a deep breath.

4. Fresh air

Went to sleep with a closed window? Quickly open it to let the fresh air, do at least some exercise. This will help to cheer up and be optimistic in the morning.

5. To wash away the remnants of sleep

Just don’t torture the body with cold water. Much more useful first to take a hot shower, and when well warm up the skin, alternately turn on then hot, then warm water. End the procedure with cool shower. RUB body with a towel is kind of an invigorating massage.

6. Delicious charging

Breakfast is a must! In the morning, sugar in the body the low for the day, hence the lethargy and weakness. Best for Breakfast: porridge, a boiled egg, wholegrain bread, cocoa or black sweet tea.

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7. In a fast paced

Didn’t have time to charge or you all too lazy to do it? Go at least 100-200 meters to work at a fast pace. In office your office on the first floor? Well, come up with no lift!

8. Express massage “Run” is not really helping to cheer up?

Massage the ear. Repeat each step 10 times. Pull yourself by the ears up, down and sideways. Press your palm to the auditory passage and abruptly remove them from it.

9. The brain

In the morning you need to make important decisions or do complex work? 10-15 minutes solve puzzles, learn a few phrases in a foreign language, or a poem, it will Wake up the activity of brain neurons.

10. Prepare in advance

In the morning to feel fresh and rested, take care of this evening. Forget the big dinner and think of your evening ritual that will help you sleep (e.g. read a book).