How to properly care for sunglasses: 10 simple rules

Sunglasses are an important accessory not only in summer but all year round. To long you served, it is important to properly care for them.

How to extend the life of your sunglasses knows Lisa.

Rule # 1

Throughout time, in addition to their direct use, to store glasses in a protective case, which usually is sold with them included.

Rule # 2

In any case, do not put your accessory on any surface with the lenses down: they can get scratched or dirty. It is desirable to put points in at least a homemade “pouch” of soft smooth fabric, though it will not replace the convenience of internal hard case with fabric upholstery.

Rule # 3

Forget about having to wear glasses in my purse without a case. For anybody not a secret the rich variety of women’s bags and your glasses with a high probability to encounter one of these “riches” sooner or later, whether it be keys, comb, phone, or powder. In this case damage cannot be avoided.

The case is made of soft fabric which is suitable for glasses storage at home, it is not suitable for their safe carrying in the bag. They can be damaged during the filling of the bags other items that are quite commonplace, as well as a clogged public transport or any other situation in which people will be dangerously close to your bag with unprotected inside points. In the end, damage not only the lenses but also the arms, fastening in the worst case, points can be simply crushed.

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Besides, you should not wear glasses, hanging them on the collar of the shirt, t-shirt: too big an opportunity to drop them, scratch or once again be subjected to the threat of “raspredelenie” in the crowd. Wear your favorite accessory in hard box with soft padding inside and he will always be protected.

Rule # 4

Do not leave your glasses under the eye to sunlight for a long time: whether it be plastic, metal or any other material frames and plastic or glass lens – heat from the sun will not benefit them.

Rule # 5

Do not swim in sunglasses. But the most obvious possibility to lose or break them during water treatment, it is likely to ruin the lens, which will have a long time to recover to a state primary Shine a cleansing cloth or a special tool with care.

Rule # 6

Avoid contact lenses glasses various chemical solutions: perfumes, sprays, acetone, hairspray, etc. If this happened, the cleansing cloth to help you. To restore the former luster to the affected spectacles, you need to exert some effort, depending on the chemicals with which there was contact.

Rule # 7

Very often greeters in the habit of wearing glasses on the head like a Hoop, a detrimental effect on the arms and mounting points. The more you wear them so the faster the crank handles and bent nose pads.

Rule # 8

To put on and off points recommended exclusively with two hands. To avoid possible distortions of frame, bridge, or hold your glasses. A sense of imbalance points on the nose, there is a certain “roll” one or the other half down, the result nominal such “one-sided” taking off putting on sunglasses accessory.

Rule # 9

Do not try to repair the glasses with their hands. Even if it seems that the failure is minor and only need a little to tighten up the hinge or bend back the bow, entrust it to professionals. Glasses that like a glove, “lay down” on the nose, not slide, no pressure, no “warp” – a delicate and balanced and one for you to try something yourself to fix it, can break the original balance even more.

Rule # 10

To wear, take off, just to touch glasses should be only holding the frame in rare instances, and very carefully, by sides. To anything once again “salariati” lenses stylish their glasses, or worse, someone else’s fingerprints. Glasses, of course, not a Museum piece, but fragile and requires the utmost care.