Who will lose a subsidy of Ukraine in the fall due to new regulations: answers to key questions

Ukrainians in October, the grant will count under the new rules. Reduced consumption standards, which is charged with a discount. Will not consider the income for the previous calendar year, and for the past six months. In addition, the officially unemployed will count the income in the amount of two living wages, and those who hide part of their income, will have to return unlawfully used a discount in the budget. The website “Today,” answered major questions about how to change the subsidy program in Ukraine.

They say the income will be considered differently. Is that bad?

Looking for someone. If last year income was lower, according to the new rules, the subsidy will indeed be less. However, if last year, the income on the contrary – have decreased, according to the new rules you can get a “discount” anymore. Before innovations in the Declaration had to specify the income for the previous calendar year, and now – in the past six months. This, as noted in the Ministry of social policy, allows you to “update” information about the financial situation.

It is necessary to consider, most importantly, what determines the size of the subsidy income. The Ministry of social policy say that subsidiaty pay for communal 15% of their family budget, but, in fact, for each subsidence the percentage of the individual. To see how much have to pay for utility bills, need income for one family member to be divided into two living wage and multiply by 0.15. And to find out what will be the size of obligatory payment, should the resulting figure multiplied by the total family income.

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For example, a family of three people with a total income of ten thousand hryvnia must pay for communal 15.4% of the family budget (1540 UAH), a family of three with an income of five thousand hryvnia for three can only pay 7.7% of their income (385 USD). The formula for calculating subsidies is made so that the higher the income, the more you can pay for utilities without a discount.

If I lost my job, I grant is generally not entitled to?

No. Every Ukrainian has the right to apply for registration grants and the status of the unemployed is not a reason for refusal. But if previously unemployed “attributed” when calculating discounts a living wage, since last year was so Ukrainians consider income in the two subsistence minimum.

Officials explain that the country has developed shadow employment, and very often the Ukrainians, who are working without registration and do not pay taxes, has applied to the government for financial assistance. Currently, the subsistence level 1624 of the hryvnia. That is, the unemployed will count the income of 3248 hryvnia.
However, if the Commission for local authority of social security determines that the person does not work for “good reason”, for example, in the labour market no suitable vacancies, the calculation of subsidies to take into account the income of the unemployed in the amount of one subsistence minimum – 1624 hryvnia.

And who do not qualify for a subsidy?

The list of grounds for refusal to discount expanded. For example, now the subsidy can not be extended, if there is a communal debt for at least two months and in the amount of 340 hryvnia. Also pick up discount you can, if you find that grantee’s hiding part of their income. Moreover, under the new rules illegally used the subsidy will have to return to the budget.

For that you can take a subsidy:

  • For the purchase for the sum from 50 thousand UAH (if this purchase was in the registers, it will be able to track the verification Department of the Ministry of Finance)
  • Concealed additional income, for example, from renting apartments to rent (Ministry of social policy proposes to expand the powers of the social inspectors who will be able to survey the living conditions)
  • There is a communal debt for at least two months (the debt information is displayed on the individual accounts of households)
  • Family income is sufficient to pay for communal (income information social welfare agencies receive from the tax service, Pension Fund and other agencies)

And if the income is not changed, the subsidy will not change?

No. Still to pay for communal services will have to do more or to save. So, give a discount just for the social standard of consumption, for all that exceeds the norm, will have to pay yourself. These regulations from October will decrease on heating and gas.

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• From 5.5 to 5 cubic meters of gas per square meter
• From 65 to 51 kWh of electricity (if electric heating)
• 0,0548 to 0,0431 Gcal of heat (if the Central heating)


If there is only a gas stove:
• From 4.4 to 3.3 cubic meters of gas per person
If there is a gas stove and no hot water:
• From 7.1 to 5.4 cubic meters per person
If there are gas stove and gas water heater:
• From 14 to 10.5 cubic metres per person

For example, in the past heating season, a family of four in a house of 60 square meters, which uses gas for heating, and for heating water and for cooking with subsidy could burn 386 cubic meters. This is the amount covered by subsidy. This heating season for the same family the ratio of gas will reduce to 342 cubic meters. If you continue to spend under the old standard, without subsidy will have to pay for gas cube 44. At the current rate it 305,8 of the hryvnia (since April of this year to 6.95 cubic meters of gas worth UAH).

At the same time, a family of four people in the apartment with an area of 60 squares, with Central heating and a gas stove during the last heating season could burn at a discount of 3.28 Gcal of heat and 56 cubic meters of gas. This heating season, the subsidy compensates for total of 2.58 Gcal and 42 cubic meters of gas. Heating tariffs in all cities are different. If, for example, in Exactly such a family will continue to use heat on the old standard, will have to pay for 0,7 Gcal (1011 UAH). At the same time for the “extra gas” will have to pay 97 USD.