Press tour, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor: 10 moments in Los Angeles

The first phase of the four-day international press tour dedicated to the fight of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, which will take place on August 26. During this time they will visit the three countries.

The tour started in Los Angeles, and the day was very intense and eventful. Here are 10 key insights from on Tuesday event. In the video you can also watch the entire press conference in its entirety.

Don’t believe the hype, people are interested in this fight

This match has its critics. Someone thinks that’s a bad selection of fighters (I agree). Others think that it is bad for Boxing and/or mixed single combats (with this I disagree). But it is clear that the battle on August 26 not to everyone’s liking. With all this, there is a definite interest in the match and an unquenchable thirst for this sporting spectacle.

Darren rovell (Darren Rovell) from ESPN sent a selection of responses on a press tour of social networks. Here are some of them:

1. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor finally came face-to-face.
2. Tweeted about this a lot of messages.
3. Disney is looking for titles for the new film.

It seems that the critics were right. Match Mayweather-McGregor no interest.
11 Jul 2017

Brian Campbell (Brian Campbell) from CBS Sports, it seems, put it in the category of “Perverse pleasure:

“The eye can not tear”. It is necessary to make an advertising slogan.

Anyway, but the fight Mayweather-McGregor very important, whether we like it or not.

Duel of the views were epic

When I wrote the article on the Mayweather-McGregor, to find suitable photographs was very difficult. After the Tuesday press conference of them will be rife. The rich are Getty and the Associated Press.

Duel of views was the best moment of the photo shoot. Especially interesting was first, the unflappable Mayweather looks at bold defiance McGregor.

There was also a second frame with which the soldiers are behaving in a typical Boxing press conferences manner.

If the voltage between the boxers is not present, they should be given credit for excellent acting.

Conor is much bigger than Floyd

The first thing we notice when they stand nose to nose, this is McGregor in growth and size. He has a massive head, neck and shoulders. I don’t think Floyd ever met in battle with the enemy, which has such advantages in size (I mean weight).

Floyd number one

If there was any doubt who was in charge of the fighters, then it is time to put aside. Mayweather announced second, and he said also second. Usually this comes with a fighter that is a favorite.

No matter if it’s a Boxing match. McGregor is a star of the first magnitude in MMA, but Mayweather is one of the main stars in the world. And Tuesday we saw the difference.

The first round of the Floyd

Even before the press conference, I made a prediction that in a war of words will win McGregor. I was wrong — as Chris Broussard (Chris Broussard) of Fox Sports:

I thought Conor would win in a verbal sparring, but you have to give the win to Floyd.

In a verbal fight Mayweather acted more carefully and was ready for the most obvious ridicule Conor. This is how he responded to a comment by McGregor on taxes:

Floyd Mayweather showed the crowd a check for 100 million, and then told Conor McGregor that all of the taxes he paid and that he will impose taxes on his ass.

And here’s some of the best statements of Mayweather:

Mayweather: “God doesn’t make mistakes and he made one thing perfect: my success in Boxing.”

Floyd: “If you want gloves for eight ounces, let’s put on our gloves eight ounces. If you want gloves over four ounces, let’s put on our gloves over four ounces. Just do not fool the public.”

Floyd showed a check for 100 million for a fight with Pacquiao.

McGregor cracked a joke about the clothes of Mayweather and showed the audience his costume. (More on this later.)

McGregor on Mayweather: “He’s in sportswear. The suit he can’t afford”.

McGregor, in his typical manner boasted, predicting that he will knock out Mayweather in the fourth round.

McGregor promised that he would sent Mayweather a knockout in the fourth round.

Mayweather was in no hurry, acted in a measured and said everything I wanted. And McGregor at this point, has not coped with emotions, standing in front of a microphone. It was like advertising a match between a very experienced athlete and novice, not knowing how to behave in the presence of a legend.

Conor was not at ease

The audience was mostly over McGregor, but when the soldiers took turns to come to the microphone, the champion of UFC even in the presence sympathetic to his fans feel not very comfortable.

The main reason why Mayweather won in a verbal duel, is that McGregor is not allowed to interrupt the opponent to say during his speech. But such tactics helped Conor in verbal duels with virtually all opponents in the UFC. McGregor’s witty, loud and sassy. Such character traits are simply a treasure for the press conference of the UFC, but they were not much help at major Boxing events for the press, especially of this magnitude.

McGregor was the first, and Mayweather at this time was still okay. When it was Mayweather’s turn to speak, MacGregor kept trying to interrupt him, but the microphone had been turned off. He clearly didn’t like, as the situation was not under his control. But no matter how much McGregor no yelling, he wasn’t the loudest guy in the room. Therefore, he has failed to dominate at this event, as he has repeatedly done in the past.

Suit in Conor was… interesting

Here is a costume.

Obscene inscription on the stripes of the suit apparently was the message that McGregor wanted to convey to all the doubters in his ability to chip the loudest room in the history of the sport.

Boxing vs mixed martial arts

One of his comments McGregor as if he tried to belittle Boxing as a sport. He called it a “very limited form of combat with lots of rules.”

Conor McGregor says looking forward to a return to a real fight, and after that will return to mixed martial arts..

Perhaps McGregor does not care at all, but such comments are unlikely to appeal to purists of the Boxing world.

First, the upcoming battle was just a event with the participation of two major figures in today’s sports world. But his statement can make explosive debate on the topic “Boxing vs mixed martial arts.” Today there is a split between fans loyal to one or another sport. And when in the match agree the most recognizable fighters from Boxing and mixed martial arts, this split even more.

Brought up and educated fans of combat sports are treated with sincere respect and Boxing, and mixed martial arts. But let’s be honest: there is a very large group of fans who do not belong to this category.

Awkward moment

At the press conference there was one very unfortunate case. McGregor in his speech, made several disgusting attacks against Mayweather racist overtones. Maybe he just didn’t think that would happen, but whenever a white says black “splyashem for me, boy”, it causes a stir. And correctly.

The reaction to such statements was not very good.

Splyashem for me, the battle. Ooh and Ah. He understands what I said?

I didn’t like that Floyd came in the jacket under the American flag, but really I HATED how McGregor said Floyd: “Splyashem for me, boy.” So it is impossible.

In the words of McGregor “splyashem for me, the battle” has a racist meaning. Whatever his intentions, is a manifestation of tactlessness.

There was already at least five articles on how McGregor said Mayweather “splyashem for me, battle”, including the website TMZ, and now in the Guardian.

Conor McGregor says Floyd Mayweather: “Splyashem for me, boy.” Um… one Hundred percent, this is a clever attempt to play the race card. Be Careful, McGregor.

We can chalk it up to ignorance McGregor, but there’s a problem, because McGregor is a very smart and informed person. Hard to believe he doesn’t know how those words are offensive to African Americans. It’s especially annoying that once before the match the UFC McGregor has called out Nate Diaz “gangster Latino”.

Mayweather is also not a Saint, and he was no stranger to comments with racist overtones against opponents. But the former sins of Floyd in no case do not condone offensive remarks McGregor and do not make them acceptable. I have hands and feet for a verbal duel, but there should be borders if we want that the rest is fun, not the focus of the ugliest problems of our society.

Conor will be better prepared for Toronto

On Wednesday, the participants will move to Toronto, and I think McGregor will prepare better and will know what to expect. Let’s hope he regrets his remark about “dances,” but will be ready for the next big show and the war of words with Mayweather.