Can I eat sushi in the summer

Can I eat sushi in the summer? Of course, Yes. Follow these simple rules and then sushi even in the summer and the heat will be just a nice snack, and not a reason to think about health. Sushi is the main character of the horror stories of recent weeks. It seems, already all know about the mass poisoning in the Kiev restaurant chain, about the checks and unsanitary conditions… After this favorite roll would seem the enemy, writes “Lisa”.

Sushi and rolls can really cause serious problems. First, the fish with improper storage can contain parasites. Second, in the heat of intestinal infection, including the infamous Kiev lovers of sushi Salmonella, spread much faster. And finally, it is worth remembering that even fresh sushi is not necessarily safe: tuna can contain mercury, a spoon of soy sauce — more of the daily value of sodium.

However, the correct sushi rolls or a dish, no wonder it was his first “borrowed” the Japanese have European chefs. Of course, we do not encourage you to laugh in the face of danger — common sense first and foremost. But to completely abandon a favorite food, not necessarily even in summer, believe me.

That’s what they say doctors and nutritionists: 5 main rules that will help you choose and eat sushi and stay healthy and happy.

1. Count time. Experienced chefs sushisty say that the sushi and rolls are not stored for more than 3 hours. This rule works for ideal temperature conditions — that is, the refrigerator. If we are talking about the outdoor summer temperature, the time should be divided in two — that is, the shelf life of sushi an hour and a half. On this basis, before each ordering, calculate the time and think about your plans. Restaurant delivery is a one hour drive from your house, and on the streets of cork? Don’t order. Plan to bring your rolls home and wait for the arrival of friends over an hour to eat together? Better not in the summer.

2. Don’t buy sushi and rolls shops in the summer. On the counter they look delicious, but to ensure that sushi rolls or are under glass, nobody can — and you don’t check. In addition, the shelves of the refrigerators usually have a common temperature for the whole inside of the product — about 10 degrees — and sushi with fish that much.

3. Shipping — only in the fridge. If you are ordering home delivery, make sure that the courier enjoys a special fridge — the so-called isometric container. Most major restaurants are there, and the outside temperature is above 20 degrees — a direct indication for their use. Don’t be afraid to look picky — we are talking about your health.

4. What is really worth seeing. Some sushi bars, trying to win the customer, try to make the cooking process as transparent as possible: cook-sushi-master can reach out to you in the hall or in front of the customer to cut the rolls behind the counter. Actually this is not good sanitary conditions near the register, where are hundreds of customers per day — not the best.

So do not be fooled: this approach to service quality does not guarantee. And here is a review counter, which exposed frozen fish and other ingredients used by the chef, really worth to see. Moreover, next to him must be all the approvals and information about the supplier of fish.

5.Choose sushi for Breakfast. It’s a fact: in Japan, the sushi and rolls are “morning” dish in restaurants on the coast they are usually served until 13:00, as prepared from freshly caught fish. In Ukraine fresh fish rolls do virtually none of the chain restaurant used smoked or frozen foods. However, before heat and immediately after the morning delivery of more chances to get fresh and healthy dish for Breakfast.