How to survive summer people with varicose veins

If the evening swollen feet, and the skin show through the veins, we are talking about the circulatory disorders that are of particular concern for patients in the warm season. Dr. Volker Schmitt, responsible for public relations in the Bavarian chamber Apothecary, gives advice on how to behave to people with similar symptoms, says

move more: in order to support the vessels of the legs in good shape, you need to use every opportunity for movement: walking, Cycling, climbing stairs on foot instead of using the Elevator;

drink more fluids and consume vitamin C: it allows to thin the blood to improve its flow through the veins;

bathe in cool water: cooling trains blood vessels and improves the flow of blood and tissue fluid;

wear compression stockings: these kind of clothes people with weakened vessels are required to wear regularly, especially in summer;

to be treated with medicines: there are many natural chemicals, which are in the form of compresses, ointments and tablets are used to strengthen the blood vessels;

consult doctor: varicose veins, ulcers and eczematous skin changes require the attention of a specialist, there is the possibility of self-medication are exhausted.