What is Russia? Empty space

As expected, for Russia, the conversation between Putin and trump ended in nothing. You do not need to be informed by the analyst to admit the obvious: Putin has nothing to offer Trump, except for the termination of aggression in different parts of the globe, but it is something, this is aggression, is, for the Kremlin the only way to stay in the international arena. World leaders simply have to periodically meet with a representative of the military junta who seized hostages from several Nations — although, of course, it would be wiser to eliminate the invaders.

Other instruments of influence on international policy in the Russian Federation simply does not: the Russians are not able to offer neither adequate social projects, no sane health care system, no revolutionary breakthroughs in science and technology. Is Moscow really to fulfill the requirements of the American administration in Ukraine, Syria, Georgia, North Korea and cybersecurity, and trump just lost the reason to meet with Putin.

Moreover, America, Russia is not in a position to threaten virtue of disparate possibilities. In other words, meeting with the leader of the Kremlin mafia, Washington, pleads not for himself and not even for Europe, for which Moscow is buzzing — like a fly for a frog: America stands up for Ukrainians, Syrians, Georgians and others, which seemed the Putin administration easy prey for the simple reason that they never imagined such a treacherous attack (although in the end, all three countries became for Russia the rocks on which it broke off last teeth).

Russia will instantly cease to worry about the world audience in the hour when withdraws its troops from the occupied territories — and immediately takes the position of just one of the many minor players with higher levels of corruption and extremely unsafe living conditions (how often do You see in foreign media publications about Colombia, Congo and Nigeria?).

After all, what is today the world’s media, Russia ceased to terrorize our neighbors? Empty space.

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