Barrier in the security policy of Finland

Juho Kusti Paasikivi (Juho Kusti Paasikivi), as President of Finland, were wont to appoint for the posts of senior candidates by age, even if young representatives came to this position more.

It happened that by chance Paasikivi took on the position of the ancient elders, but his position still had a Foundation in fact. Consistently choosing the most experienced officials, Paasikivi avoided the appointment of a Communist threat in the postwar years.

I remembered about this practice Paasikivi in connection with the talks on dual citizenship in Finland. There was about 25 thousands of Finnish citizens, who also have Russian citizenship. According to Yle and Helsingin Sanomat, didn’t take them on certain positions. Officials challenged the rule, arguing it is discriminatory.

In Finland over the past few years, there was a certain barrier in the security policy. Now with him facing persons with citizenship of Finland and Russia.

This year, the security Police of Finland (Supo) reported that persons working in the field of Finland’s security, tried to exert pressure during their stay in the country of second citizenship.

Based on this information, have recently been detected more cases of provision of Russian influence in the individuals with dual citizenship than usual. Maybe we hear about these cases only because of the stories of people who have been subjected to pressure from Russia. Otherwise, these cases would go unnoticed.

Officials are in a difficult position. There’s a security risk, which, obviously, is actually much scarier than what we know. Under the current legislation, this issue still has nothing to do. On the other hand, responsible officials can’t just stand by and watch.

So there is a new option “method Paasikivi”. Because this barrier of security policies is not official, it can appear anywhere and anytime. A couple of years he seems to have only strengthened.

Persons with dual citizenship, and their parents are probably very concerned and annoyed. They simply use their legal rights are, what their loyalty is now questioned.

It doesn’t have to be. This man with two passports, there is a greater risk of being subject to pressure. Persons with dual nationality as individuals are not less trustworthy than other Finns.

However, it is difficult to accept the argument that providing access to some posts only to citizens of Finland would be a great infringement of the rights.

For example, law officers are already limited because they can’t nominate his candidacy for the municipal elections. It is traditionally considered a good idea. In a democratic society the loyalty of your officers is very important, as they are entrusted with weapons.

Officers agreed to this restriction. They came to the conclusion that the chosen career is more important than the ability to get into Parliament. Not so great a sacrifice upon admission to the cadet school would be the refusal of the second citizenship.

Change of law — a hard task, since a simple change can be unexpected consequences. A famous example is the compulsory treatment for pregnant drug abusers. This would provide certain rights to the child, but could simultaneously lead to the prohibition of abortion.

One bill now rewriting it again, since the absolute ban for individuals with dual citizenship contrary to the Constitution of Finland and international law.

However, changing laws is not something impossible.

The situation is sad.

Dual citizenship to get easily. Officially people with dual nationality do not face difficulties — for example, for appointment to any post.

In practice, these barriers are.

There is a secret agreement that a Russian citizen can not be the Ambassador of Finland or a General.

It would be more honest if such regulations were made public. Everyone knew, what position you can claim and whether the position is more interesting and important than dual citizenship.