Norwegian war veterans and the procession of the Nazis in Kristiansand

“It seems that history repeats itself,” says veteran Tour Hogsbro (Thor Hofsbro) about a neo-Nazi demonstration in Kristiansand last weekend.

83-year-old Tour Hogsbro (Thor Hofsbro) of Gran (Gran) and Aage Erik Auli (Åge Erik Aulie) of Nes (Nes), who is 91, remembers the 9th of April 1940 (the day Nazi Germany attacked Norway — approx. ed.) and the ensuing day the years of German occupation. At that time Hogsbro was 8 years old, and Auli — 15.

Hogsbro with his father smuggled people across the border to Sweden. They helped the Resistance fighters, who had to flee the country. Auli participated in the Resistance with time and he had to flee to Sweden.

Veterans are very concerned that on Saturday latter-day Nazis managed to March pass in Town. They do not understand why the chief of police of the city didn’t stop them.

Extreme right-wing group calling itself the “Northern resistance movement”, is the most self-proclaimed Nazis. It includes the Swedes, Norwegians and Finns.

Security reasons, the police chose not to intervene, and it is now being actively discussed in the society.

“I understand that the police did not want to get in trouble, but that didn’t stop them — just awful. And I had thoughts that, in truth, it would be better not,” admits Hogsbro.

The veteran alleges that during the war, the police collaborated with the occupiers.

“When you think about it, remember that this service had the most members of the “National unity” (national-socialist party of Norway — approx. ed.). I can’t help thinking: what if something like that preserved? I don’t believe it, but the thought is there,” admits Hogsbro.

(Approx. Dagbladet: the Police strongly rejects it. Cm. below the replies from the police).

“This is due to my own experience. I wasn’t fond of the then the police,” adds Hogsbro.

“They are dangerous”

And Hogsbro, and Auli told Dagbladet that perceive the Nazi group as a gang, to fear which is all the bases.

“I think they’re dangerous. Much more dangerous than Quisling and his men before the war. With the danger consisted in the fact that they were not taken seriously. Today the unions of this kind a lot of educated people, there is not only ignorant,” says Hogsbro.

“It is very sad that some of these neo-Nazis aren’t dumb. They could use their skills for something better,” says Auli.

Auli believes that the group can afford to be a Nazi, even though she adheres to the “wrong views,” but that Nazism brought the world evil enough.

“If you allow neo-Nazis to March, which they did, I don’t understand,” says Auli and adds:

“These groups are growing because that someone wants to take on decision-making. So I think that they (police) made a mistake. But if in addition they arrested anyone with such shares does not agree, the situation becomes even worse.”

He fears a repeat of April 9

“After the war with our memory of what it became. The school is not studying, people are absolutely ignorant”, — said Hogsbro.

The veteran, who is 91, is concerned that April 9 could be repeated.

“It’s the same forces and the same way of thinking, only each time in a new guise,” he says.

Hogsbro believes that the government and the education system fail that it is important not to forget the reasons for the occupation during the war.

“I pity the youth of today, because history seems to be repeating itself. For the sake of freedom of speech they can afford,” says Hafsa and refers to events in Sweden.

He believes that the only thing that can help is to tell the story.

“Now, even my grandparents know nothing about the war and about what this may bring. And lack of knowledge is characteristic not only for Norway, it is observed everywhere.”

Auli agree with him, he believes that society have important knowledge to better navigate.

“If we don’t know what happened to us, we will not know which way to go,” says Auli.

“This is the wrong way”

— What do you think about those who call themselves “the Northern resistance movement”?

Hogsbro laughs, then answers:

“Well, what can I say? They tried to make fun of. But now it’s getting serious,” he says.

“A few I know now neither Sweden nor Norway is not occupied, but Norway was occupied in 1940-1945, so it’s a significant difference. If you’re starting a resistance movement against the democratic system, then you are going down the wrong path,” is the answer Auli.

“You can not divide people according to race”

Veterans do not share the ideology of the neo-Nazis and their views on other people.

“Second-class people there. You can’t divide people depending on race. No race, which would have been better than others. With claims of racial superiority began and Hitler and the Nazis,” says Hogsbro.

Auli agree with him:

“In their treatment of refugees and minorities are very little human. There is nothing illegal in discussing immigration policy, but we cannot ignore the fact that all people are of equal value. You can adhere to that opinion, but who said that our culture is the only critical value in the world?” says Auli.

The veteran believes that if you don’t intervene, that means you accept that what the demonstrators.

Those who resisted were eliminated

Two men tried to get in the way of the demonstrators, but they were taken away. According to Hogsbro and Auli, it was wrong.

“Freedom of speech should be available to all, but there are also certain forms. Something they are allowed when they pre-notify, but when suddenly people appear, dressed in uniforms, with Nazi flags — it’s not nothing,” — said Hogsbro.

The veteran said that he had raced a lot in the shower when he saw the latter-day Nazis.

“I remember that we had to endure during the war,” he says.

Demonstrators in southern Norway was under the slogan “Down with the homosexual lobby.”

“Neo-Nazis screaming about homosexuals, but because they are against democracy, too. That everyone has a right to Express their opinion, and the strength and the weakness of democracy. When use this right to Express opinions aimed at the destruction of democracy, then we are talking about the weakness of democracy”, says Auli.

Criticizes the police

Auli is confident that the police be criticized no matter what decision she made in Kristiansand, and that it’s hard to strike a balance.

“But even if the police got, it would show the world that we are not going to tolerate this. And they swallowed it. And maybe in the future, the price will be higher,” he says.

Auli refers to the fact that on the football field bullies fine, but when “Some people go with the frozen look and banners and are going to kill all the homosexuals,” no one is fine.

“It is in any gate not climbing” — said Auli.

Dagbladet has tried to contact the “Northern resistance movement”, but to no avail.

The police response:

Due to the fact that the city recently there have been a number of serious events, police Kristiansand has not yet formulated its position regarding possible consequences for right-wing extremists, who spent the weekend in a demonstration in Kristiansand. But the investigation of the episode is in full swing.

Investigation of the episode that took place at the weekend

Police Kristiansand is known to those 70 people who took part in the demonstration. 50 of the 70 were from Sweden, 17 from Norway.

“We made a decision. It was to ensure that the provisions on freedom of expression in the European Convention on human rights and the Constitution mean that we could not stop them because of the statements with which they acted. The police don’t have to censor who you can speak to and who not”, — says acting chief of police in Kristiansand Sundwall Arne (Arne Sundvoll).

Police are now trying to assess what happened at the weekend, and the decisions taken. Over time, the police are also going to begin to discuss the possible consequences for the demonstrators.

“The police in Norway now faces a huge task. We must protect freedom of speech, even if what they’re saying, we don’t like,” says Sundwall.

Two men tried to confront the protesters, were taken aside. The police chief said that the task of the police was partially in it.

“We understand that the decision on the spot, was seen as unacceptable and those whom it concerned, and those who watched it all. This is one of the most difficult issues with which the police — both men and women face during demonstrations,” says Sundwall.

Rejects the assertions of the veteran

With regard to the statements of the veteran of war Tour Hogsbro that the police were closely linked with the “National unity” and that something similar may have been preserved, the police and these allegations are categorically rejects.

“We took based on the decision associated with freedom of speech. Sometimes we have to protect the people who say these things police themselves then for a long time sick. This is a very difficult task,” — said Sundwall.

He refers to the fact that the police are closely monitoring the extraordinary manifestations of precisely this kind: the crime, based on hatred and radicalization.

“We are very much and with a lot of personal interest working on this, and I hope and believe that the Norwegian society trusts what we do,” says Sundwall.