The best views of the Aegean coast: an overview of Turkish resorts for every taste


If tranquility and relaxation is to go to the town of Fethiye, which harmoniously combines the Majesty of the mountains, pine forests and tranquility of the Aegean sea: on the second day of stay in this atmosphere of retreat and the accumulated anxiety, and fatigue.

This city has very rich history, and between dashes from the restaurant to the beach it is necessary to allocate time to touch her. In ancient times in its place was a Greek city of Telmas: even now in the city you can admire the remains of the ancient theater and the ruins of a medieval knight’s castle of XV century. Also on the hillside adjacent to the city, a well-preserved Lycian tombs.

One of the mandatory outings in the area. There is the Blue lagoon — a national Park of Turkey. This picturesque town is also surrounded by mountains, the highest of which is Babadag. The height of the base, the so-called lower start — 1672 m, it is widely used by athletes paragliders. If you want extreme, you can try and book yourself a lesson with an instructor.

The blue lagoon in Oludeniz


The resort city of Marmaris is ideal for family holidays, and for a noisy holiday. He has a very “quiet” location: the city is stretched along the shore of the Bay, and
strong waves here do not happen. And for nightlife lovers there is a whole street of bars and discos.

Whatever the format of the rest you choose, is to walk around the city by bike: in Marmaris, the hotel has special bike paths. Hour bike rental costs $3-4. Only when the two-wheeled be careful and do a test drive — some can be set to the minimum speed which you have to pedal three times harder to catch up with their friends.

Bay. There are no strong waves and the water is always warm

Bike path by the sea


Another stop of the trip on the Aegean coast — Kusadasi. He is perhaps the most calm temperament: bars and night clubs there is, but their concentration is far from such rave “Meck,” as Marmaris or Bodrum. And the sea here is not very deep (depth begins far from the coast), making the resort ideal for families with tiny children.

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But the main dignity of Kusadasi is the ultimate in convenience for the trip to the ancient city of Ephesus. On the way to the hilt, by the way, you can make a stop to see the remains of one of the seven wonders — temple of Artemis. There is now, however, is only one column, but looking only at her, one cannot but marvel at this magnificent work of human hands, given that it was created in the VI century BC.

The hilt is a frozen ancient city, preserved a sort of beauty that I have not touched the Millennium. There are well preserved many objects, for example, a library or a public house (which, by the way, in front of the library), a public toilet, a pharmacy. Is not stingy, and order the guide — it will tell you many fascinating stories associated with the city, or talking about one or the other column.

Ephesus. Ruins of the ancient city tell you its history

Library. ‘ve gained knowledge, and in the house opposite — love

“Antique” ivory. Ephesus — lots of meowing caretakers

The city. Very Sunny: be sure to take protective cream!


If lying on the beach from morning to evening — not your size, if the soul asks walking through the narrow atmospheric streets and sitting at sidewalk cafes — it’s time to go to Bodrum. In ancient times on the site of Bodrum was the capital of Caria — rich city of Halicarnassus, where he was one of the seven wonders — mausoleum at Halicarnassus. In the Middle ages emerged on the ruins of a Greek fishing village.

Now Bodrum is a synthesis of different eras and cultures. Walking around the city, can feel like the heroine of the series “Magnificent century” (if you go to the castle of St. Peter, who once took Sultan Suleiman), or a carefree tourist in the modern Greek town (if you go to the cozy fish restaurants and jazz bars), or the lady of the house, making purchases in the atmospheric Turkish market (in the center). There are in Bodrum and the ancient theatre which is well preserved and in which even now hold concerts.

Also worth visiting the hill with the mill, which has been around for 200 years, and there are magnificent views of the city and the sea.

By the way, thanks to the frequent winds, this resort is a good place for fans of surfing and other water sports.

A lot of sun. Whether Turkey, or Greece

Mill. From this hill you can see the whole city

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