Hamburg score: positive chemistry between trump and Putin will help to end the war in the Donbas

While in Hamburg comes to the end of the two-day summit of “Big twenty”, the media, analysts and experts bring the first results. It is worth noting that the format of the summit envisages the adoption of important decisions every year world leaders gather to compare notes and discuss global challenges. Symbol G20-2017 – knot, which, in the words of Angela Merkel that becomes tighter when the rope is pulled in different directions. The Chancellor was hoping for a “compromise and responses.” But, apparently, the summit has left more questions. All media attention was riveted on the first meeting of the tramp with Putin. Journalists paid attention to the smallest detail: how presidents looked at each other, like shaking hands, as long as said and agreed. For Ukraine the main result of this meeting was the reanimation of the negotiation track Nuland-Surkov. Only now with the assistant of the Russian President will meet American hawk, former US Ambassador to NATO Kurt Volker. Tomorrow, along with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson for a few hours he will arrive in Kiev, and then they immediately go to Moscow. The main thing now is to make Russia cease – fire, withdrawal of weapons and start the process of exchange of prisoners. About it at Breakfast this morning told the leaders of France, Germany and Russia, saying the results of that in the near future the leaders of the “Norman format” talks on the phone.

“Welcome to hell”. As reported previously, “Today”, world leaders began to arrive in Hamburg on the eve of the evening of 6 July. The US President flew to Germany straight from Poland, where he participated in the summit Crimora and spoke at one of the Central squares of Warsaw, and immediately went into talks with the German Chancellor. The press services of the two leaders cautiously stated that an hour of conversation in one of the Hamburg hotels trump and Merkel discussed the situation in North Korea, the middle East and Ukraine. But at a joint press conference the leaders of discontent were not restrained. Merkel said that Europe can no longer fully rely on US as a partner on the world stage. Now Germany will work with China on solving the world’s problems. Trump, in turn, tried to laugh it off, saying she and Merkel have something in common, alluding to the unconfirmed information about listening to German policymakers under Obama. But Merkel did not appreciate the joke, not smiling Trump in response.

In addition to poignant statements by Merkel trump could wait for another equally unpleasant surprise. According to the Independent, the American President forgot to book a hotel in Hamburg. Wanted to stay in a hotel FourSeasons, but could not – by April all 156 rooms purchased, a delegation from Saudi Arabia. To part towards Trump went to the administration of Hamburg, the US President and the first lady was allowed to live in the guest house of the Senate.

On the first day of the summit of the powerful Hamburg was met by massive protests. The peaceful rally, parade and zombie dance flash mobs of anti-globalization activists, representatives of left parties and activists of the eco-movement on the eve of the G20 turned into a real hassle. Demonstrators “Welcome to hell”, which was attended by about 8 thousand people were thrown into detention order firecrackers. The latter, in turn, used water cannons. But the unrest has continued and the protesters threw in law enforcement “Molotov cocktails”, burning barricades and burned cars, slashed tires of cars of members of official delegations and even hit with a flare at a police helicopter. According to police in Hamburg, a result of skirmishes with protesters, injuring more than 200 militiamen, 100 activists were detained.

According to Bild, the protesters attacked the guards at the Park Hyatt where, in addition to Putin stopped the South Korean President and Prime Minister of Australia. And Melania trump, according to the publication, and does not have time to start the first discussion session, around noon, the G20 enemies laid siege to the guest house of the Senate, where he stopped the couple trump, and guard the first lady decided not to leave the building until things calmed down.

House of cards German. The first day of the summit at the Congress center Hamburg started a little after noon. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the hostess, met the guests on the red carpet at the entrance. The media noticed that US presidents and Russia met it without emotion and smiles, just shaking hands with them. But the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and the President of France Emmanuel macron to it not only shook, but kissed them on the cheek, smiling affably. Despite this, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said Merkel met Putin as a “welcoming hostess”.

After the “dry” shaking hands with Merkel, Putin and trump were in the waiting area of the Congress hall, where he was at the same table. The journalists who were there, was lucky to take pictures of the first handshake between the presidents. Russian media were quick to say that Putin has stood the famous handshake trump, who even “friendly” Pat of the Russian President on the shoulder.

The official part of the summit opened the discussion on the fight against terrorism. This question of leaders of “twenty” was not controversial, therefore, according to Merkel, this item was included in the final communiqué almost unchanged. As told Merkel, the countries of “twenty” have agreed to cooperate in the fight against terrorism and more effectively share information in this area, and the owners of Internet resources are required to expeditiously remove messages bearing a terrorist nature. Climate the G20 leaders to understand is not come, the us delegation blocked the long communiqué of the summit on this issue. In the end, Angela Merkel said that all but States, reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris climate agreement.

But despite the importance and significance of the G20 media attention was riveted on the first meeting of Putin and trump eye to eye. An edition of Newsweek described the talks as the meeting of the two macho who’ll never give up. The BBC, citing the words of the physiognomist, called the first handshake between the U.S. and Russia on the sidelines of the Congress hall the meeting of two alpha males.

“But their body language tells a completely different story. The first handshake tramp attaches great importance. This handshake is not one of them put his hand on top of the other. But the view, then trump gets a head start. He patted Putin on the bottom hand, it is the dominant gesture. If you meet someone a little shy, or not confident, you won’t make unnecessary gestures or touches. And trump doubles your advantage: when they stood, he put his hand on the back of Putin. This is another dominant gesture,” – said the physiognomist Mary Civiello.

However, as correctly noted by Western journalists, trump Putin to behave very cautiously. The first photos of the meeting, the media immediately compared the scenes of the popular American series “house of cards”, where actors play the role of the presidents of Russia Viktor Petrov and the United States Frank underwood.

Meeting the real Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin began half an hour late, just when Angela Merkel opened the discussion session on climate change. Trump harshly criticized for the decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, therefore, according to the Western press, he must have ignored this discussion. Instead of the stated 35 minutes of trump’s negotiations with Putin behind closed doors, lasted, according to the White house, 2 hours and 16 minutes. That does not fit into CNN, who wrote that Trump the conversation with Putin had prepared a few pages of text in one or two sentences for each question.

According to Rex Tillerson, an hour after the start of the conversation behind closed doors of the American delegation sent Melania trump for exploration, so she tried to pick up her husband from the negotiations, which is already delayed. “All stood at the door. I even think that they (team members trump – Ed.) sent the first lady to see if she can pick out, but that didn’t work either,” – said Tillerson.

The Ukrainian question. Trump called the meeting with Putin, “stunning”, and Tillerson said that the presidents had the “positive chemistry”. “Zrada” or “Peremoga” for Ukraine, it will show the next visit Rex Tillerson in Ukraine. Surely the Secretary of state will share details of the conversation between the presidents of the United States and the Russian Federation. From official statements it is known that trump has repeatedly reminded Putin about the ongoing U.S. investigation of Moscow’s intervention in the American presidential election. But, according to Rex Tillerson, the leader of the Russian Federation denied any involvement in the Kremlin. Agreed, the US and the Russian Federation on the introduction, 9 July truce in the South-West of Syria, but the North Korean problem looks trump and Putin diverge.

Also, according to Rex Tillerson, the leaders discussed the Ukrainian question. A little more about this said the head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov. According to him, the American President did not offer an alternative Channel format, proposing to move the format of the Minsk agreements. “When discussing Ukraine, the U.S. side announced that they had appointed a special representative to promote efforts to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. And agreed to create a channel between the representatives of the Russian Federation and the United States to use the opportunities that have with USA to promote settlement on the basis of the Minsk agreements, taking into account and relying on the potential that resides in the Tripartite contact group in the Normandy format,” Lavrov said.

We are talking about reactivating the negotiating channel Nuland-Surkov, after all, just a couple of hours prior to the meeting, trump Putin, the US has appointed former US Ambassador to NATO, Kurt Volker, the state Department’s special envoy for the Ukrainian settlement. For Ukraine it is a very good signal. Never in the history of the state Department was not representative purely on the Ukrainian question. As previously reported, “Today”, Kurt Volker – Senator”Republican” John McCain, who defends the idea of granting Ukraine lethal weapons. Under Obama, Victoria Nuland, the state Department held the position of assistant Secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia. It is quite often met with Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov. He is called the architect of annexation of Crimea, separatism and the subsequent Russian intervention in the Donbass.

A second and final day of the G20 summit, in fact, also started with the Ukrainian question – for a working Breakfast at the Atlantic Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel macron and Angela Merkel discussed Russian military aggression in the Donbas. According to Peskov, the leaders agreed to reach an agreement on a cease-fire.

“There is an understanding that we must take effective measures that would lead to a real ceasefire on the line of contact and to ensure the withdrawal of heavy weapons. There is an understanding that we need to prepare the agenda of the telephone conversation in the Normandy format. In this respect, there is complete agreement”, – said Peskov.

On the final G20 press conference, Angela Merkel also confirmed that the meeting with Him and Putin, they agreed to move in the track of the Minsk agreements. But she stressed that “as it was strange to discuss Ukraine without Ukraine”. So next time they will hold talks with Petro Poroshenko, to try once again to resolve all disputed issues, which, according to the Chancellor of Germany, a lot.