Beat pots: Bogdan Benyuk remembered the conflict with the late Bohdan Stupka

Beat pots: Bogdan Benyuk remembered the conflict with the late Bohdan Stupka

Yesterday, 15:32

The actor frankly did not like the leadership of Mortar theatre

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

the editor of the Show business

This year marks 40 years since Ukrainian actor Bogdan Benyuk working in the theatre named after Ivan Franko. But it turns out the actor is quite categorical in nature. Why “beat pots” with another legendary actor, the late Bohdan Stupka, he said in an exclusive interview to the program “Sravi way” on TV channel “Ukraine”.

Recall that recently Benyuk lost brother – people’s artist of Ukraine Pyotr Benyuk.

As it turned out, the conflict of the actor not just played a trick on him: “In youth we all maximalists, and it seemed to me that I really do everything right. In certain situations, completely violated the ethical behavior that should be”.

First, slamming the door, he left the Theatre of young spectator on Lypky, where for two years he played all the leading roles. And then – because of the same categorical – have a fight with Bogdan Stupka. Then said that the artists didn’t even say Hello, but Benyuk denies it.

“That’s not true. Hello. The fact is that when the theater’s artistic Director, Franco became Bogdan silvestrovich, it did not work then on the set. As you may remember, about 7 years before he died, he very powerfully starred in many movies and the huge role played. But only he, as artistic Director, received a huge number of invitations and began acting in films, less attention was paid to the theatre,” recalled the actor, the TV channel “Ukraine”.

The Benyuk frankly did not like the leadership of the Mortar. That put him only in the second part and the role was given less often. Now Benyuk said the situation was very complicated and simple at the same time. But in that period, together with the godfather Anatoliy Hostikoev they have created their own theatre company.

Earlier, the grandson of Bohdan Stupka Dmitriy Stupka confessed that the work does not make money, so he began to look for additional earning opportunities.