Why leave drops the immune system and avoiding colds in the summer

It would seem, colds, and especially infectious diseases, in the summer there is no place — well, not counting those that cause disorder in the digestive tract. After all, where to get runny nose and coughing, if the court of 25-30 °C (and soon will be even hotter); the season of fresh fruits and vegetables is gaining momentum; and in vacation, when the rest of the body and the soul, and even more so, health can only be strengthened? Because we all know that the decline in immunity are primarily fatigue from hectic activity, processing and lack of sleep. But this “happiness” is on vacation, certainly not… But in fact, resting can do to reduced immunity.

Why and how to prevent it, know our experts: Natalia Gordienko, the therapist of the highest category, a gastroenterologist clinic Doctor Sam, Natalia Shamalo, therapist, family doctor clinic KNP “CDC # 2” the Darnytsa district of Kyiv, and Tatiana Maikova, a neurologist, a physician of Medsite “Headache”, member of the European Association of headache.


Sleep off on vacation for all the sleepless nights of the year — it is impossible to reduce the negative effects of sleep deprivation, if only to Dospat deficit not later than 24 hours in which it arose.

To sleep for future use will not work, “reboot” the body and “formatting” of the brain occur only at night that followed the day. And that means not much sleep, to create the nervous system margin for future vigils and work for three — will not work.

But the dream according to the principle “all you want” may reduce the protective forces of the body. Peresypi completely meaningless from the point of view of human physiology, and because “over” harms the body — as, for example, and the overabundance of vitamins: it does not restore the body, and disturb the function of the body involved in the “digestion” of excess. In this case, of the brain. As a consequence, the balance between inhibition and excitation in the brain is disturbed. As well as the functions of the immune system is directly dependent on the state of the CNS, its imbalance will lead to “chaos” in the immune system. Thus, defenses will drop, and people will become vulnerable to pathogenic organisms, including enteric infections and SARS.

In addition, in the mucous membranes of any person living or those other bacteria, but the immune system keeps them from multiplying. And as soon as it worsens, the bacteria receive a “green light”. As a result, “out of nowhere, in the middle of summer” appear sore throat, cough and runny nose, and if the person did not differ good health initially, the tracheitis and sinusitis.

Because even on vacation sleep is exactly as much time as is necessary for the restructuring of the brain. This, as proven by sleep for an adult — not less than 8 hours, but no more than 9. And to go to sleep there is at least no later than 23:00.


Not to narrow sharply vessels with the consequences set out above, do not drink after returning from the beach or on the street drinks from the fridge: they should warm up at least 10 minutes.

Do not eat ice cream, progressis in the sun — only when thoroughly cooled.
If you profusely sweat — avoid drafts.
The water come not earlier than in 20 minutes after exposure to the sun and not longer than 5 minutes. If relaxing in the shade — you can increase those numbers to 45 and 10, respectively.


Ultraviolet light is toxic, because of the abuse the sun can develop allergies. But an allergic reaction is nothing like the malfunction of the immune system. In addition, the solar radiation increases free radicals in the body, to reduce the amount which needs again the immune system. Also the immune system is added with thorough sun: in its essence it is a burn. And the more intense the sun, the greater the load on the immune system.

Therefore it is necessary not only to avoid the sun after 11:00 and 17:00, but not to sunbathe near the water closer than 4 meters, otherwise the sun’s effect will be doubled because of the reflection of sunlight from water.

To help the immune system fight against free radicals (and, in fact, to reduce the load on it), every day, eat 300-400 g of fruit and vegetables and drink mineral water, they contain the antioxidants: vitamins C, A, E and zinc, magnesium and molybdenum, respectively.

In the day you should drink drinking water at a rate of 35 ml per 1 kg of body weight: if there is insufficient liquid is disturbed the composition and functions of the blood, which leads to a deficiency of immune cells that are delivered to all organs.


“Building material” of immune cells is protein. Though full! This contain meat (any) and milk products. But the meat should not be fat, so discard the pork dishes (including kebabs), beef and lamb.
In addition, fatty foods enhances thermogenesis, which increases the sweating and the risk of ache in the draft or in a cafe, where usually the air conditioning
at 18 °C.

Also fatty foods overload the liver, and it is in her synthesized immune factors. To stress on the liver and causes alcohol abuse, which often many vacationers.

The allowable rate of beer a day — 600 ml dry wine 400 ml, and spirits should be abandoned altogether (in extreme cases, you can have no more than 50 ml). Drinking alcohol is indoors or in the shade while the “use” of the sun and alcohol may develop photodermatitis.


If you come from outside in the room in which the temperature is less than street by more than 10 °C, the vessels are sharply narrowed. As a result, all bodies are deteriorating delivery of lymphocytes and immunoglobulins. But it’s a risk to get not only colds, but also cystitis. Therefore, if the court is hot at 38 °C, which is not uncommon for the second half of the summer, coming into the room from the beach, don’t expose to air of less than 28 °C. And only after 15-20 minutes, the temperature can be reduced by a further 7-10 °C.


Lying on the couch is only during Siesta. The rest of the time, every day, must be active. Including on the beach — for example, not just immersing in the water to cool off, and floating for a long time; not substituting the sun of the sides lying down, and playing football, volleyball and tennis. Also, no harm will be morning or evening jog.
The fact that, as already mentioned, the mucous membrane is the “entrance gate” for new infections and “place of residence” the old germs. But keep them in check primarily cells of the immune system. Mucous they get with each heartbeat, located in the blood. During inactivity, the circulation sluggish, and hence immune factors act on the mucous membranes in small amounts.