Bezviz with the EU and care Gontareva: the figures and events of the week


May 11
Council of the European Union at the Ministerial level agriculture and fishing supported the decision to liberalize the visa regime with Ukraine. Now the document must be signed by the President of the European Parliament and a representative of the EU presidency country (Malta) and published in the official journal of the EU. The decision on introduction of a visa-free regime will enter into force 20 days after publication. Tentatively it will happen on June 11.

3.3 million Ukrainians
issued biometric passports for travel abroad as at 11 may, in particular, over the last month such passports received 100 thousand people.

22 thousand teachers
elementary schools will be trained in the framework of the reform of the education system. According to the Minister of science and education Lilia Grinevich, these teachers in 2018 will take the first classes, they should start to work on new methods and with new content.

increased in January-March the number of households who installed roof solar power plants and selling electricity at the “green tariff” until 1309, told the Saee. The installed capacity of such plants increased by 20% to 20.05 MW.

49.1 million cubic meters of gas
the average daily pumped into underground storage in early may. As of may 8 at the stores accumulated 8 billion 828,21 million cubic meters of gas, on the same date a year earlier was 8 billion 838,05 million cubic meters, in 2015 – 8 billion 805,3 million cubic meters.

dropped since early may, prices for traditional vegetables (cabbage, potatoes, carrots, beets and onions), was reported in Association “Ukrainian agrarian Confederation”. In April, these increased by 78.3 percent compared to March.

May 10
was the last working day of Valeria Gontareva as head of the National Bank of Ukraine – she was gone for a long vacation, until it will dismiss the Supreme Rada. Before Gontareva said that fulfilled all the tasks set before them.

Gontareva the head of the NBU only formally. Photo press service

According to the Constitution, the head of the NBU is appointed by the Verkhovna Rada on representation of the President for a period of 7 years. Gontareva holds the position of head of the NBU almost 3 years.

rose in March, real wages in Ukraine, reported state statistics Committee. In January-March in annual terms, real wages grew by 19.3%. The average nominal wage full-time employee in March amounted to 6752 UAH. which is 8.7% more compared to February of this year and 37.2% more than in March 2016.

3504 Ukrainian
declared the income over 1 million. for 2016 compared to 2015 by 25%, or 1180 less. The total amount of their income compared with last year increased by 13%, or 3.2 billion UAH. In 2015 the number of millionaires in Ukraine increased by 16% compared to the 2014 year and amounted to 4684.

12 million liters of wine
Ukraine imported in January-April of the current year to $23.4 million More wine delivered from Italy – for $6 million, which is 25.7% of total imports. On the second place – Georgia – $3.4 million (14,65%), the third France – $3.3 million (14%). It’s exported wine for $12 million, most was delivered to Russia by $6.3 million (52.8 per cent).


To 0.9%
declined in April, monthly inflation in Ukraine compared to 1.8% in March, 1% in February and 1.1% in January, reported state statistics Committee. In annual terms, consumer price growth in April slowed to 12.2% from 15.1% at the end of March, 14,2% – in February and 12.6% – in January. Since the beginning of the current year inflation was 4.9%. The government expects inflation slowdown in 2017 to 8.1%. The national Bank says about 9.1 percent.

5 billion UAH
of its profits for last year, the NBU transferred to the state budget. Until the end of the year will be transferred 29.4 billion UAH. this amount will be divided into monthly installments so as to smooth the effect on liquidity of the banking system and to achieve the inflation target of the NBU.

increased reserves of coal in warehouses of thermal power plants (TPP) in Ukraine in the period from may 3 to 10 – up to 2 million 99,6 thousand tons at the same time the reserves of coal in warehouses of thermal power plants (TPP) fell by 7.1% – up to 84.2 thousand tonnes TPPs of Ukraine in 2016, increased coal consumption by 9.4% compared to 2015 year to 31 million 338,6 thousand tons Last revision of the forecast balance of electricity in 2017 involves the consumption of TPPs the country’s 26 million 541,6 thousand tons of coal.

321 division
reduced the Ukrainian banks in the first quarter of its network – up to 10 thousand. The national Bank noted that banks in the first quarter continued to optimize the number of employees compared to the beginning of the year decreased by 3.4 thousand people – up to 136,7 thousand

made at the end of the first quarter the share of non-performing (defaulted) loans in the banking system of Ukraine. According to the NBU, the concept of “non-performing loan” now is as close to universally accepted in the world practice the concept of “non-performing loans”. In particular, are recognized as non-performing loans overdue payment is more than 90 days, or for which repayment is unlikely without charging provision.

61,79 million tons
such is the harvest of grain in Ukraine in the 2017/2018 marketing year, the forecasts of the Ministry of agriculture, the export can be 38,31 million tonnes, According to his forecast, in 2016/2017 my Ukraine can export of 41.96 million tons of grain, while the grain crop at 66.1 million tons as of may 10, already exported 37,956 million tons of grain.

5,09 billion
net profit for the first quarter received solvent banks in Ukraine against of 8.01 billion. the net loss for the same period in 2016, according to the NBU. While the banking system worked profitably for three months. This result was achieved for the first time since the pre-crisis 2013.

2.5 times
more than a year ago Ukrainian enterprises for the first four months of this year exported pork meat to 2.4 thousand tons In industry associations “Pig producers of Ukraine” reported that in monetary terms, exports amounted to 4.7 million dollars.

increased in money terms the export of dairy products in January-April compared to the same period in 2016, said the “Association of milk producers”. Delivered by 36.4 thousand tons of dairy products in the amount of 63.7 million dollars, which in real terms by 33% more than the same period in 2016. The greatest growth continues to demonstrate oil sales in natural terms increased by 232,6%, and in monetary – on 319,5%. In January-April 2017 was exported 5.5 thousand tons of oil on $ 20 million. Most of the oil is sent to Morocco, Kazakhstan and Moldova.

The world

7 may
the leader of the political movement “On the March” Emmanuel macron won in the second round of presidential elections in France. Voted 66,10% of the vote, or 20.7 million people. For his competitor – the leader of the party “national front” marine Le Pen is 33.9% or 10.6 million of the French. The total turnout in the second round – 74,62% (the lowest figure in the country since 1969). In this case is 6.33% of voters (about 3 million people) did not fill out the ballots, omitting their empty boxes. In addition, a 2,24% of the ballots (1.06 million people) are invalid, as filled with irregularities.

800 billion dollars
reached current capitalization of Apple. It was the first in history to have reached that market value. The five most expensive companies in the world now form only it companies: Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. In the first quarter of 2017, they together received more than $ 25 billion in net profit.

For the first time in 20 years
in the UK, construction began on the main part of the plant. The construction of the station Hinkley Point in southwest England is jointly funded by the French Electricite de France (EDF) and a consortium of Chinese investors led by China General Nuclear (CGN) that will provide a third of the necessary sum, estimated at 18 billion pounds.

900 km of pipes
will be placed at the bottom of the Black sea during the laying of the two branches of the export pipeline “Turkish stream”, the construction of which began “Gazprom”. To finish the construction promised in 2019, All funding claimed by the Russians.