What is cellulite and how to deal with it

According to statistics, cellulite during the life of the face 80-90% of women, regardless of their current weight.

What is cellulite

Writes Medical News Today, cellulite is also known as “orange peel” is a condition in which the skin is covered with dimples and looks uniform. It occurs when body fat is “sucked out” the connective tissue under the skin. As a result of the thigh becomes uneven.

Why do I get cellulite

Actually, cellulite on your body can detect every one of us. But experts say that often, it still occurs in women because the female body, in contrast to the male, adipose tissue is distributed throughout the body. As for locations, the most attractive “orange peel” areas — the thighs, hips and buttocks. Returning to gender differences, women in these areas more fat due to the specific physiology.

Also, cellulite is associated with age because the older we get, the faster our skin loses its elasticity. Thus, cellulite is more likely to appear after 25 years.

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Play a role and age-related hormonal changes: first, the decline in estrogen levels. Among other risk factors — a sharp increase/decrease of weight, lack of physical activity, pregnancy, limit the amount of fat, salt and carbohydrates in the diet, lack of fiber in the diet.

But most researchers believe that our predisposition to cellulite is due to genes. MNT writes, this happens because genetic factors influence the metabolic function of the distribution of fat under the skin and blood circulation.

How to get rid of cellulite

It is impossible to get rid of cellulite or at least to do it quickly, but you can smooth the skin and thus make the issue less obvious. First and foremost, you need to exercise regularly, and be sure to include in your fitness diet stretching exercises. Not be amiss and therapeutic massage: it will help rapid muscle recovery after exercise and speed up the blood circulation.

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Second, after consultation with a beautician, you can go for mesotherapy or ozone therapy. In both cases, under the skin using very fine needles inserted or of the active substance (the first option), or a gas saturated with oxygen (the second option). This type of treatment works best in the early stages.