Steak, mashed potatoes, and then cruise missiles

First there was steak and mashed potatoes, and then cruise missiles against Syria. The first meeting of the us President Donald trump and the President of China XI Jinping took place in the peculiar atmosphere between humor and horror.

First tramp — during a photo session before a dinner together with a C played a friendly host, with a friendly handshake and a relaxed attitude. “We have already conducted intensive negotiations,” said trump as if relaxed, and then with a hint of his anti-Chinese rhetoric — he added: “And I yet got absolutely nothing”. Sounded laughter and applause si steel award trump.

And yet, during the race, he has already shown how to deal with Chinese economic delegations. “There is a hamburger from McDonalds, and then going to work”. Then, at 22 hours local time in Florida, on a Golf resort “Mar-a-Lago,” trump interrupted a working dinner to announce that the United States produced 59 cruise missiles at military targets in Syria. American retaliation in response to a chemical attack. Less than three months, as the American President became a war President.

For si, this is certainly not a pleasant situation. Not only because it is in a moment turned from a main character in a minor character. One of the main points of his two-day visit to the United States — the conflict in North Korea. North Korean dictator is under a protective shield of China towards nuclear power, and trump has hinted at it: “If China does not solve the problem (North Korea), we will do that”.

Si, a strong ruler of China, suspected that the visit to the US will not be a cakewalk. Together with his wife and a large delegation of Chinese politicians, civil servants and economic magnates he’s not in a luxury resort trump in Florida. He chose another exquisite hotel Eau Palm Beach Resort&Spa to two days to break it their headquarters. The feeling of satisfaction when a grateful guest spends the night in a private residence of the President such pleasure he Trump didn’t want to give.

According to Chinese culture, guests in the house owners do not behave in a lordly, do not criticize and do not put forward their demands. But with this purpose he arrived in the United States. He wants to be perceived as an equal partner, when Chinese television will show footage of his meeting with trump. But a military strike in Syria, US intervention in the internal Affairs he did not expect. After the delegation’s arrival in palm beach, and greetings from the Minister of foreign Affairs Rex Tillerson at the airport, he went to the trump resort where they had a joint photo shoot with the rough handshake with the American President. Japanese Prime Minister Abe after a protracted handshake soranno looked away, Chancellor Angela Merkel was even denied the handshake, allegedly because he did not hear the question. This time the tramp while greeting each si showed itself from its best side.

Trump does not rely on brute abuse

Si was prepared for the worst. For several months, trump has criticized China by branding his economic manipulator or destroyer of jobs. China has for years dishonestly acted with America, that will now be firmly stopped — this promises to give trump in the election race. For several months, he threatened to impose import duties, but so far nothing has happened. But he provoked si provocative telephone conversation with the head of Taiwan. China considers Taiwan a rebellious province, but not an independent state.

But trump knows that a gross abuse achieves nothing. Became President entrepreneur specializing in real estate, and owner of the Golf courses on the international stage is opposed to the skilled man power with years of training. Quiet and polite si used to the attacks and not take to heart criticism as trump. However, he was hard in business and he has something to offer, when on Friday he will be at the negotiating table with “the biggest deal”.

China is the second largest economy after the US trade deficit the US has with China is 347 billion, which is an unresolved problem. After the American President with the stroke of a pen decided to withdraw from the agreement on TRANS-Pacific trade partnership, si enters the scene as the Savior of free trade. In solving the North Korean problems trump nothing can be achieved without China. Open war may be allies of Japan and South Korea absolute disaster, and without nuclear weapons.

Si can not accept the desire of trump on the actual erasing from the face of the land of North Korea. This would mean a common border with a unified Korea under American influence. The negotiations will be difficult, and it is hardly necessary to count on great results.

Including because of problems with staff in the government of trump. While the Chinese head of state arrived with a clearly built a team of loyal officials and politicians with years of experience negotiating, trump is forced to speak with motivated, but inexperienced team. This is evident, among other things, according to the newspaper Politico, the “civil war” in the White house. Involved trump the newcomers get more leads “trench fighting” and were forced to witness how dismiss their strategic support, Stephen Bannon. ‘bannon defiantly went to Florida on air force 1 and was close by during the photo shoot.

Donald Trump and the world will have two heavy days. It needs to stand against temptation, to be the new military hero and give the feel of the si, who is the real ruler of the world. Instead, it should give a feel of the Chinese leader that he is with him wants to solve economic and political problems of the world. So si could go home without losing face. And it would have been a great success in respect of the two powers on the verge of freezing. “Specialist trades” now as it is impossible by the way.