In Norway there was a toilet with a view of the waterfall

In Norway, built a public toilet with view of the waterfall. The floor and walls of the restroom have a transparent panel so that people could admire the local beauty, says

The facility has two toilet cubicles and a technical room. There is a lavatory near the waterfall Scharfstein.

Photo: designboom

The design and color scheme of the structure is chosen so that it is most resembled a piece of rock. Such was the idea of its creators – the architects Studio Fortunen.

With the same purpose, was chosen as a facing plate, made of local stone. Therefore, the structure fits well into the surrounding landscape.

Photo: designboom

Earlier, in Norway, the young man dived into the toilet over the phone. The toilet was not connected to the sewer and cleaned every day. The young man more hours spent in the tank, waiting for emergency assistance, so as to come out he could not own.