How to preserve the health of the employee

Many of us sit throughout the working day as a professional activity tied to a chair or chair. This also applies to office staff, drivers and managers, as well as people of other professions that require the person to spend the whole day sitting. These simple preventive measures will help you to avoid diseases in sedentary work, because the cure is much more difficult than preventing this trouble, writes

• Moderately hard bed, which does not allow excessive deflections, but does not prevent a comfortable sleep.

• Pillow should also be not too soft and not very high, so that the curves of the cervical, respectively, were closest to the physiological curvature.

• Top tip – sit as little as possible. For the human body is not a normal situation. It is better to stand and lie down.

• If you have a sedentary job, first of all, think about a comfortable chair. Well, if it is something like a car. This is the most useful for back configuration.

• Don’t need to sit still. Take the example of children. They are in class or at home, doing homework, constantly swirling, straining one, then the other muscles, and rarely suffer from back problems.

• If you have to sit all day, it is necessary to regularly get up and stretch.

• Need to do specific exercises at home and at work.

• You need to regularly go for a massage, to fight the osteochondrosis, and other troubles with the spine (for back and neck once in 3 months).

• Good to go. Forget about the car, Elevator, public transportation. At least for a while, let’s say, for the weekend. Walk if the distance is not more than three stops.

Fight the sedentary lifestyle, don’t let it get to you.