Groisman has instructed the Finance Ministry to expedite work on the launch of electronic excise stamps

The work of the Ministry of Finance on the implementation of electronic excise stamps, an automated system of control over the circulation of excisable goods, – must be accelerated. This was stated by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

“I would ask the Finance Ministry to expedite the passing of this bill (for the start of the electronic excise stamp – Ed.) to the Cabinet for consideration and send it to the Parliament. We need to make transparent, competitive law, so we are on the subject put the point,” said the Prime Minister during a Cabinet meeting.

According to him, the electronic excise stamp is used today in all countries of the world, and its introduction in Ukraine allow to mobilize tens of millions of UAH to local budgets.

“A huge amount of counterfeit alcohol is sold without the excise tax via the link small and medium-sized businesses. Every local authority interested in the fact that these funds come to the local budget”, – said Vice Prime Minister – Minister of regional development, construction, housing and utilities Gennady Zubko.

Groisman believes that there is only one way to get illegal excisable group of the goods in the legal field to introduce an electronic excise stamp.

Earlier, the Chairman of the tax Committee of Parliament Nina Southerner said, what happens to the excise taxes on alcohol.