How many years will have to save up for a apartment in Kiev, Moscow, Minsk and Warsaw

How to cut a flat in the capital, with an average salary? “No!”, – I am sure Kiev realtor Maxim Baborak. Experts say that almost every family will not harm your budget can defer 10% of salary. The website “Segodnia” found out, how many years will have to save up for a apartment in Kiev and in the capitals of neighbouring countries.

Most expensive in Russia, and most fortunate Belarusians and poles

In Kiev Studio apartment can be bought for 25 thousand dollars. The last few years, the housing market plummeted. Prices on the secondary market is fixed in dollars, and after a sharp devaluation of housing in the hryvnia equivalent went up dramatically. Demand has fallen and the price of apartments had to be reduced. The average salary in Kiev is $ 320. That is to buy “odnushki” will have to pay 72 pay. If you can delay a monthly “tithe” – an apartment you can get in 65 years.

The most expensive capital in the post-Soviet space – Moscow. Here a Studio apartment can cost 100 thousand dollars. Last year average prices for the first time in ten years fell below this mark, however, and now the capital of Russia the price level can compete with major European cities.

On the average Muscovites earn $ 1,100. Despite the fact that salaries in Moscow three times higher than Kiev, with the Ukrainians to buy real estate in the capital easier. To buy a Studio apartment will have to collect at least 90 capital salaries. If you defer 10% of salary, a housewarming party to celebrate 75 years, unless, of course, manages to survive up to this point.

In Minsk, one-bedroom apartment can cost 30 thousand dollars. The real estate market for several years dipped considerably and the housing is much cheaper. The average salary in the capital of Belarus last year reached $ 730. That is to buy “odnushki” Minsk residents will have to wait 41 average salary. Or 34 years to postpone one-tenth of his salary.

In Bucharest (Romania) Studio apartment would cost 40 thousand dollars. On it the residents of the capital with an average salary ($700) will have to stay without money 57 months. Save on be flat for 47 years.

In Warsaw, with an average salary of $ 1,200 Studio apartment is about 50 thousand. That is, resident of the capital of Poland will have to postpone the salary of 41, or 34 to postpone the tenth part of the salary.

How to gather up the apartment

The first step is to postpone at least 10% of their income, says the founder of the training center “Cashflow Ukraine” Alexey Polovinkin. However. Those who have learned to properly dispose of the salary, ideally can defer up to 30% of income. If “save” the 30% is unrealistic – you need to look for additional earnings or another job.

Taking into account the ratio of the cost of apartments and the average salary, it is easier to raise funds for housing in Kropiwnicki (former name of Kirovograd). Local residents to buy apartments need on average 43.5 salaries. At the same time the people of Kiev to buy a good Studio apartment will need 119 monthly salaries.

Maxim Baburam says many of his clients sell a house that was inherited from relatives, and after the money to buy a new apartment. The realtor advises from the apartment not to sell, rent for a few years rent.

“It happens that, for example, my grandmother lived in an apartment and died. Granny flat sell, then buy yourself a new Supplement. You can even for a year or two to let in the grandmother’s apartment tenants. During this time, if the apartment in Kiev, you can each month to get to 4 thousand. It’s two years already 96 thousand! To sell the apartment to pay these 96 thousand to buy a house better,” advises realtor Maxim Baborak.

In large cities also demand another method of buying an apartment. So, for example, in Kiev there are entire companies who make the intermediation between lonely elderly residents, and young familieswanting to get their homes. Ten thousand dollars is the annuity contract. After that the young family is actually the homeowners, but to access it they will be able only after the death of the pensioner.

Note, in Ukraine consistently cheaper real estate. According to experts, within a few months of apartment with “the secondary” fell by 1.5-2%. Prices are fixed in dollars and as a result of the devaluation of the hryvnia apartments are becoming more expensive and sellers have to reduce the cost.

“Prices are fixed in dollars, but payments are made in local currency. This means that those who were local and wanted to buy an apartment, the opportunity is lost. If at the rate of 8 UAH per dollar apartment can be purchased for 240 thousand UAH, at the rate of 27 UAH for the same apartment now need to pay 810 thousand UAH. I had in the past year, customers who suddenly said, “no, we’ll wait until are not going to sell,” says realtor Maxim Baborak.

According to the Chairman of the Committee of the Association of real estate professionals Edward brazasa, at the end of 2015, the market demand declined by 30%. In 2016, the experts note an increase in the number of sales.

At the moment, prices in the primary market are stable, while the housing on the “secondary market” continues to become cheaper. The bulk of the demand (80% of transactions) – housing in the “affordable” segment. According to experts, “cheap” is 25-30 thousand UAH per square meter.

Maxim Baborak predicts prices in the secondary market (in dollars) will be in 2017 and decline in the primary – will remain stable. The cost of apartments will grow after you begin to actively develop the economy. “Next year we promise economic growth, wage growth. That’s when the economy revives, the prices will crawl upward. Now simply there are no prerequisites for this. In addition, the demand will now fall, and the supply is not. People are trying to rent the empty apartments in order to not to pay for expensive communal”, – said Maxim Baborak.