Ukrainians and their Western backers are starting to open their eyes

The facts — a stubborn thing. They are ready to repulse any deception. However moving forward more slowly lies, however, always gets to the destination, anyway, to those who are willing to open the eyes and ears.


Since the Maidan, those whom the West has rewarded the false nicknames like “agents of the Kremlin” and “Russian propagandists”, sounded the alarm about the use of US and EU neo-Nazi groups to overthrow Yanukovych and the new government in a coup. They talked about the consequences for Ukraine of breaking its economic and historical ties with Russia.

Western governments and the media are loudly shouting about the Russian propaganda. Some are solemnly assured, that in Ukraine there are no neo-Nazis, only nationalists and “right”.

First, The Washington Post has finally graced us with an article that resembles a hangover waking up after having fun in the evening (the moment when your head is still soar alcoholic pairs, and you wonder: “Oh my God, who is the fascist in my bed?”). Now the French media and cronies suddenly learn that in Ukraine, it turns out that there are neo-Nazis, and that they have a huge influence, although they are a minority.

Le Monde offers us a kind of anthology in French sauce with Vitkina Benoit (Benoît Vitkine) in the role of balancer. The fact that he clearly had to exert considerable acrobatic talent, to mix a lie (it is impossible to refuse from the last propaganda, not discredited itself once and for all), including the conflict in the Donbass (allegedly it is a confrontation between Ukraine and Russia), with the truth that neo-Nazis are a growing threat to the Ukrainian government and people.

Since the beginning he sheepishly calls the neo-Nazis by ultra-nationalists. It sounds better, and the author doesn’t looks like a nerd despite sounding three years, claims that no neo-Nazis in the Ukraine government. Recognition should be done gradually. And each time to make only part of the error. This despite the fact that the author describes the behavior of the “nationalists”, which is clearly neo-Nazi “brand”: “Attack on art exhibitions and literary events, the ruin of provincial administrations, demonstrations against the gay pride parade in Kiev.”

Next we see skillful acrobatics when Witkin States that “ultranationalists for many years was content with just noisy torchlight procession, but now I intend to have a serious impact on the future of the country, which is derived from the balance after three years of war.” If they do not impact on the future of the country’s independence, when he staged a coup!

Also, when he says that “ultranationalists” forced the government to make concessions after the full blockade of the Donbass and attacks on Russian banks, but can’t resist the note (Russophobia requires): “This victory over “associated with the Russian government by the oligarchy,” as the representative of the management of the “National body” Alexander Alferov, was not the only one”.

Oh yeah, not the only one. All this reminds extended to Yanukovych’s accusations, the purpose of which was to justify his dismissal under the pretext that it occupied the Pro-Russian position (a terrible crime, according to some). Besides, it stresses that neo-Nazi groups does not suddenly came to power in Ukraine after three years of war, according to the article Witkin. In fact, they are at the helm in 2014, when they overthrew Yanukovych.

The article is paid access, therefore I have no way to see with its sequel, however, the beginning eloquently demonstrates that the truth about which sources repeat for three years, gradually forcing Western media to recognize the realities of Ukraine after the Maidan.

Especially if it allows them to pounce on Donald trump and demand from him the condemnation of anti-Semitism in Ukraine, whose government promote fascism, according to Reuters. It means the end of collective blindness about the events in Ukraine.

Reuters a kind of miracle of discovering what the so-called “Pro-Russian” media reports for the past three years: the renaming of streets in honour of the collaborators, the law on commemoration of these collaborators, attempts to launder their war crimes and glorify the soldiers of the SS division “Galicia”, vandalism of monuments to the victims of the Holocaust, the rise of anti-Semitism and so on.

© RIA Novosti, stringer | go to potbanging nationalists in Lviv

In OffGuardian for the occasion, laughed at Reuters: “Ukraine was not the neo-Nazis, and here they are, out of nowhere. Fascism has become a reality only now, three years after his rise in Ukraine”.

It is felt that the current Ukrainian authorities are not too comfortable. So you need to find an excuse to get rid of them. For this purpose there is nothing better than to flaunt neo-Nazis, who for three years tried to hide the Western media.

The fact that Poroshenko, which pull the bottom of the scandals and catastrophic situation in the Ukrainian economy was under the gun from Yulia Tymoshenko: she clearly wants to take the place of the Caliph. It the deputies of Kyiv Council called on the Parliament to remove the President of Ukraine. In addition to legislative measures for the easy overthrow of the President, Tymoshenko’s party forms a real Armada of temporary commissions of inquiry, the proceedings on the President’s “crimes.”

If we compare all aired by Ukrainian television threat Yuri Birch on “night of the long knives”, the feeling that the Ukrainian government is stepping on thin ice and could face the real cleaning, which resulted in the helm of the country will rise even more radical elements than those that we have now.

Elements like Yulia Tymoshenko, who called in March 2014 to kill all the Russians and their leader, and destroy the eight million living in Ukraine, Russian nuclear weapons.

She confirmed the fact of this conversation in Twitter, though, and said that the part about the eight million Russians in Ukraine has changed and that she called them Ukrainians (kind of hard to believe, judging by her Russophobic statements and unconcealed hatred of the Donbass).

Hangover after independence comes not only from Western media but also among Ukrainian politicians. So, former President Leonid Kuchma recently stated that the EU puts Ukraine on its knees, refusing to help her.

In response to the warning that the Association agreement with the EU will cost Ukraine dearly, everybody was screaming about the Russian propaganda. Now, when these words were pronounced by the former President-Russophobe, they suddenly become true.

Leonid Kuchma openly said that Ukraine sells Europe, only wheat and honey, and that the annual fee is so ridiculous that the country is exhausting their total for the quarter:

“For the first quarter of the quota we have chosen now the Europeans put us to our knees and require us to cut down trees and carried them. Where they help Ukraine? When we’re poor, we’ll need someone”.

Only now, when the Titanic is already in full swing down, everyone noticed that the ship had sprung a leak. The situation is catastrophic, but it may further deteriorate if the authorities in Ukraine will come people like Yulia Tymoshenko. Because it can lead to open war with Donbass, and even with Russia. In this case, not just Ukraine will fall apart and will plunge into a worse bloodbath than independence three years ago.