Hacking in Ukraine is gaining momentum: suffered gosohrany, banks, gas stations, post office, media and the airport “Borispol”

Hacking using virus-the extortioner is gaining momentum in Ukraine. Victims of cyber criminals has become a number of banks, large companies, metro and international airport “Borispol”. In General, estimates of the international company Group-IB, injured more than 80 companies in Ukraine and Russia. The postal and telecommunications of Ukraine has counted 22 companies affected.

One of the first problems reported the airport “Borispol”.

“Today at the airport and in several large public sector enterprises contingency – spam-attack. Our IT services try joint efforts to resolve the situation. In connection with the extraordinary event of possible delays,” he warned on his page on Facebook Director of the airport Paul Ryabikin. Later, the airport ceased to operate the site.

Transport network Kiev is also under threat – “Kiev underground” has claimed the lock to pay fares with Bank cards in the PayPass system. However, non-contact “pass” of the metro are working normally.

Under attack hit and the computers of several Ukrainian banks, including the Odessa Bank “Pivdenny”. According to “Timer”, the attack was aimed at the internal system of banks and did not affect the operation of ATMs. However, the financial institution announced that customers may experience temporary inconvenience. Now experts are working on the localization of the consequences of a cyber-attack. It is also reported about the problems in Oschadbank and Ukrgasbank.

As write in social networks, as a result of a cyber attack will suffer mass media: has suspended its work “24 Channel”, national network of radio stations “Radio Lux” and “Radio Maximum”, as well as a number of popular Internet sites. The attack, according to media reports, suffered and Ukrainian media holding, which includes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Korrespondent” and Football.ua. Reported problems at inter.

From cyber attacks affected postal service “Ukrposhta” and “Nova poshta”. So, “New mail” reported that temporarily unable to serve customers due to a hacker attack on a computer system of the company.

“Important message: due to a massive attack of the virus Petya on our information systems Department and the contact center “New mail” temporarily unable to serve customers. We work hard to recover in the near future”, – noted in a press-service “New mail”.

In “Ukrpochta” reported that some of their damaged computers and office continue to work “in consultation” and “raises” work with paper documents.

Problems are observed in the gas station – about the attack on its computer systems, said WOG and KLO. “The work of the network of filling stations KLO blocked a virus attack, which applies to Ukraine. We apologize for the inconvenience,” – said the press service of the company.

In addition, as reported by the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko, the victim of a cyber-attack became even Cabinet. According to attached to the post of Deputy Prime Minister in Facebook photos, on discs komputerow errors.

The Ministry of internal Affairs (MIA) of Ukraine shut off the computer network to prevent cyber attacks. This was announced by the Director of the Department of communications of the Ministry of internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko, transfer “Ukrainian news”. “Our website does not work in connection with preventive measures to nezarazene virus,” – said Shevchenko.

Due to technical glitches with lunch on June 27 to indefinitely suspended the operation of information systems of the Lviv city Council.

Eyewitnesses also reported “Today” about the problems in the work of retailers, particularly supermarket chain NOVUS. So, the electronic system network does not work correctly with client cards, and cashiers report on the crash, but did not specify what exactly the problem is. Payment of goods is still working.

We will remind, earlier today the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has warned banks and other participants in the financial sector of Ukraine on the external hacker attack by an unknown virus.

The postal and telecommunications of Ukraine issued a number of tips, compliance with which will help you avoid getting infected with a dangerous virus.

“We need to immediately close the TCP ports 1024-1035, 135 and 445” – advised in addition in the international company Group-IB. The company’s specialists said that this attack has nothing to WannaCry. The name of the new cipher — Petya.A