TOP 10 ways to keep a beautiful tan

The desire to maintain a good tan is not just a whim. Tanned body looks beautiful, gives a sense of smartness and confidence. It is realistic to maintain the tan skin, if you follow the simple but very practical tips, reports

1. Use moisturizer

Use special products that need to be applied right after sunbathing. Their action is designed for deep hydration of the skin and the strengthening sun. Such means can be used instead of the usual moisturizer after the closing of the beach season. The ideal option would be to alternate a regular moisturizer and after tanning.

2. Do not wash with tap water

During this period, do not wash with chlorinated water, and do not use bleach, this also applies to masks, which include milk, cucumber or lemon. This can cause fading of the skin, and sometimes pigmentation.

3. Do not pour the tea leaves

To extend the life of the tan we recommend you wash and rinse with poorly brewed black tea, especially since tea effectively shrinks the pores.

4. Forget about the bath

Should refrain from visiting saunas and baths and not to sit close to a hot open fire. Pairs, along with high temperature, excretes water, which affects not the best way on the skin, it dry and pale.

5. Do soft peeling

Occasionally it is necessary to gently exfoliate the top layer of the skin. If this is not done, the tan will look uneven and out parts. Effective will be the adoption of the bath with addition of sea salt and vegetable oils. Store-bought exfoliation can be replaced natural. With this task perfectly cope coffee grounds.

When You have free 15 minutes of time, put coffee on the skin, and try to relax. This gentle scrub can be used for both body and face.

6. Prepare coffee ice

To save tasty chocolate skin tone will be effective to wipe the face with coffee ice cubes. Make them very simple, brew stronger coffee, let cool, pour into molds, and store overnight in the freezer. The next morning you get a great crisp on the skin.

7. Make tomato mask

Another occupant of the refrigerator will be indispensable in maintaining a dark skin tone. We are talking about tomatoes. The pulp of one ripe tomato and apply on face for 15-20 minutes, wash your face alternating warm and cold water.

8. Another mask

You can also treat yourself to tomato-curd mask. Mix 2 tablespoons of fresh cream, the pulp of one tomato and 2 teaspoons of any vegetable oil. Give yourself 20 minutes of relaxation.

9. Use special lotion

To keep your tan longer, constantly apply body lotion made from egg yolk, a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of carrot juice.

10. Make a tea tonic

Any mask perfectly removes tea tonic. To 0.5 liters of boiling water throw 3 teaspoons of black tea, the juice of half a lemon, leave for 20 minutes.