Big building: when you see a complete list of items

The construction of state roads is on schedule

President Vladimir Zelensky emphasized the necessity of preparing a clear list and implementation plan for facilities that will expand program “Big construction” in the next year – in particular, the theatres and Museum complexes, so that now the ministries and regional state administration has planned to allocate the funds.

This writes the website of the President.

“I think before September 1 of the time this will be enough,” he said.

Deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, head of the coordination Council for the implementation of the program “Big construction site,” Cyril Tymoshenko said that the construction of state roads is on schedule. In the coming months is expected to open many of the roads repaired.

For the month of operation was formed the final list of all objects that will be constructed in the framework of the national program “Big construction”, established reporting and monitoring of works on photo – and video recording.

“Regarding state roads, which are Ukravtodor, everything is on schedule. Roads have already started to put into operation. This month we will have the opening of many roads, particularly in Poltava, near the village of Lugansk, the road to Berdyansk”, – he said.

As for local roads, that, according to Cyril Tymoshenko, there were some problems with the development of the allocated funds. So, as of may 1, the regional state administration received more than UAH 6 billion in local road and used only UAH 1.9 billion, or 30%.

“But as of July 1, RSA received 10 billion have been used of 5.52 billion is 55%. In fact, we have accelerated and will accelerate further. Some areas that work fast, soon will pass all the objects of the “Big construction”. For example, Kharkiv region leases 1 August all the roads”, – said the Deputy head of the President’s Office.

He also noted that construction work within the creation and admission departments of the Fund of struggle against spread of COVID-19 selected 1,680 billion. In their construction the responsibility of the local administration together with the Ministry of community development and of the territory of Ukraine. Another 5.3 billion UAH allocated for the purchase of necessary medical equipment will be centrally procured by the Ministry of health. Minister of community development and of the territories of Ukraine Alexey Chernyshev added that it is planned to renovate or build 210 and admission departments.

Only in the framework of the “Big construction” capital rekonstruiruet and build from scratch around 600 objects. At present, the total percentage of construction objects – 52%, including school – 57%, gardens – 54%, sports facilities – 41%.

The head of the government Denis Shmyhal added that thanks to the program “Big construction”, road construction and other activities over the last two months through the employment centers could employ 174 thousand people.

Earlier Zelensky checked, as in the Odessa region is a “Big construction”.

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