Fears Putin: Russia is preparing new restrictions on the Internet

In Russia want to block Telegram. Within a few days the messenger was the main topic of the news, he even managed to associate with the terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg. What could be new restrictions on the Internet, and will the Russians after them on the street?

All high school students and all students who went to the meetings and will continue to go to rallies in the country of absolute hopelessness, I believe that Facebook for them — too ancient invention. They are United in their many unknown, self-organizing community, and it all happens through other various communications, including a secret, encrypted communication channels. Many people know already, that Telegram is not only instant messenger, it encrypts messages so that they’re impossible to decipher even to the owner-operator of the messenger. Because the encryption happens on the target mobile devices. Except this feature, the Telegram is a function of so-called channels, which can be combined in groups of people.

I understand that organized group Putin is afraid of many things, including Alexei Navalny and those of the people he led, those people who themselves are beginning to organize. She is afraid of the Internet itself. The Internet is incomprehensible to these dinosaurs from the Higher school of the KGB of the mid 70-ies. In the KGB were not taught what to do with the Internet.

So they raised a wave to prepare public opinion, as they think, for another RAID. They are preparing “public opinion” as they understand it, to Telegram in Russia to close. For this they come up with utter bullshit and Blizzard is accused of Telegram is that it does nothing in the fight against terrorism, giving the terrorists to use the messenger. But this is an absolute lie. [The Creator of Telegram] Pavel Durov did on this occasion, a statement which is clearly, clearly called public sources where you can verify their anti-terrorist activities.

Lately every day has only increased the intensity of the duel between Roskomnadzor and Durov. Need to mention that Roskomnadzor and all the talking heads who work there have no idea with whom they are talking. People who do not have done nothing but fawn over Putin, nothing else in life could not, can not, have not learned and will never learn. They talk with a man who is one of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs in the area in which the work people like mark Zuckerberg, the late Steve jobs, bill gates and others. He created the “Vkontakte” and was, in fact, Russian Zuckerberg. After it Putin’s regime by Alisher Usmanov took “Vkontakte” and subjected it to the FSB, Durov invented the Telegram. This so-called serial entrepreneur, and if you talk about it more widely, then the actor is the novice equivalent of Elon musk. They talk to him that way and don’t even know who he is.

The last stage exchanging pleasantries, if you can call it that, is not over yet. Sounded another loud statement that terrorists allegedly undermined the St. Petersburg metro used a “relationship with their foreign curators with the help of the Telegram”. I’ve got a few comments. First, all terrorists use any messenger of the same type, where the encryption occurs on both ends — Whatsapp, Viber and Facebook messenger. And here I agree with Durov and on this basis to say that any kind of terrorist group can use any messenger. Including those possible terrorists who blew up the subway in St. Petersburg. It is possible, because the reputation of the Russian so-called law enforcement is that the public in Russia knows nothing about what happened in the subway of St. Petersburg during the attack. Was it a real terrorist attack if it was something similar to the apartment bombings in 1999, was involved with the Russian so-called “intelligence” in it. We don’t know anything. Thus, the question arises: “Guys, you do not have a lot of nerve to flog this bullshit about the fact that these alleged terrorists used Telegram? And you solved the crime?” We know nothing about the real organizers, customers and performers of this crime. It is possible that this work themselves Putin’s so-called intelligence. Then the question arises, were used on these special services. Not Telegram it, too? To believe nothing is impossible. Their reputation is such that every word is a lie.

They understand that it is impossible to ban all at once and in one day, if you ban the Internet — the people on the streets. They are doing this is crawling. At the end of last year, they banned social professional network Linkedin. It was a tentative step towards that, if they want to ban Facebook, Twitter or something else. They had to see to start small — cut down Linkedin, look at the frustration level, which will rise after that, measure the level. They looked that nobody was angry, nobody went outside, so can be cut down for something else. Under this scheme, they gradually cut down different services. Now, apparently, it was the turn Telegram. Then will be the turn of something else. It’s creeping tactics. They thus engaged in the Internet, Linkedin, Telegram and other instant messengers and other social networks. All this will be crowned the next phase of their creeping coup — operation of Putin’s inauguration in 2018.

We are dealing with criminals and bandits. If you recall different times in history when there was no Internet, these modes rolled into larger and larger repression. It is happening now. They think that the methods of the school of KGB of the USSR of the sample of 1977 will enable them to retain power. But the time has changed: no longer 1935 and not 1977. Everyone in the hand has a mobile device connected to the Internet, to deal with this is unrealistic and never they can’t do. If they cut the entire Internet, you will regret it much sooner than if they had a serious problem with the Internet. Flag in their hands. Think of the 146 million people in Russia there is a critical mass to give these bandits a very fun life if the Internet will be turned off at all. To turn off the Internet, even in modern Putin’s Russia is impossible — the whole economy will be in chaos.

Putin has never understood and does not understand how to use the Internet. Everything they don’t understand, they consider dangerous to their regime. If a new generation of self organized via Telegram, that means we need to ban this Telegram.