Hillary Clinton — President of the California?

It is believed that his rival, Hillary Clinton, elections, too, were not entirely in vain. She was elected President of California. Article by Dan McLaughlin in National Review, the oldest conservative journal in America, and entitled “Hillary Clinton, President of the California.”

Clinton scored in the General election by 2.86 million votes more in connection with what many opponents of trump believe his election illegal, and he himself is an impostor, and calling for abolition of the electoral College, where he is, at last count, has received 304 votes against 227 from Clinton.

Its supporters hoped that some of the electors change the Trump, but in fact it turned out that more cheating was at Clinton. From trump ran two people from five.

The Democrat advantage in direct elections explained solely by the fact, McLaughlin writes that in California, she scored 4.27 million more votes than trump. If you say differently, she won a huge state, which the Americans call “gold”, rare for the United States by a margin of more than 30%.

If Clinton in “the Golden state” voted 61.7% of voters, for trump — only to 31.6%. The last time a Republican gained in California so few votes in 1912.

If we ignore California, then the rest of the USA trump has received 1.41 million more votes than Clinton. He won the most votes in 23 of the 50 States, including those won in 7 of the 10 largest States.

Of 13.29% of all cast for Clinton votes occurred in California. No wonder that part of the progressive minded citizens of the “Golden state” to start now to think about secession from the country in which at least four years will rule the reactionary trump.

It is not surprising that some supporters of the trump says it — “good riddance!”

“Yeah, California!”

In November, the separatist movement called Yes California (“Yes, California!”), took a Twitter hashtag #Calexit — by analogy with “broksita”, filed to the Prosecutor General of the state of the application for holding the 2018 referendum on the recall of the California Constitution, paragraph declaring that California “is an integral part of the United States of America.”

Activists argue that California — with its huge GDP of $ 2.5 trillion and making it the sixth economy in the world, much more pays to the Federal Treasury than it gets out. Indeed, D.C. is in the state of 370 billion dollars in taxes and spends, there are about 334 billion.

In December, “Yeah, California!” announced the opening of their cultural centre in Moscow. As stated on the website of the movement, “this is the first of planned cultural centers of California, which will build bridges between California, the nation and the world.”

If successful in the referendum, the movement will fight for the holding in March 2019 a vote on the Declaration of independence. According to the document filed by the Prosecutor, order that California became an independent state, voting must take part in at least half of the citizens of the state, and 55% must vote in favor of secession.

The November elections showed how California is not stepping up with the rest of America, in which Republicans, for example, control the legislative assemblies of most States and is most gubernatorial posts.

In California, the Republicans are on the verge of extinction. Democrats occupy all elective positions at the state level and dominate his delegation in the U.S. house of representatives.

The California delegation in Congress consists of 53 people. 39 of them are Democrats. Democratic leadership “Golden state” have vowed to resist the plans of the trump deport millions of illegal immigrants, cancel “Obamacare”, that is medical “restructuring” of Obama, and to put a brake on the fight against climate change, which trump called the Chinese invention designed to make Americans less competitive.

“We believe in two fundamental truths — the site says independence supporters. — (1) California has a positive impact on the rest of the world, and (2) California can do more good as an independent country, rather than just one of the States of the United States.”
We need a new amendment?

While the chances of the emergence of the independent Republic of California appreciate low. In order for the authorities agreed to a referendum, you need to collect 585 407 signatures, difficult, and expensive.

In the media flashed the photograph of activists gathered at the California capital of Sacramento. I counted seven people.

The experience of previous referendums that are widely practiced in the “Golden state”, shows that sometimes the signature collectors are paid more than five dollars each.

“Yeah, California!” says it will rely on paid gatherers and volunteers, the movement is already about 13 thousand. Knowledgeable people say that in fact many enthusiasts are not typed. “This movement has a little backbone,” — says Professor Emeritus of political science Larry Gerston from the University of San Jose.

But let’s assume that the Californians were in favor of secession. The U.S. Constitution is the right to not provide. Empirically this question, in the words of journalist James Horsman was decided by the blood during the Civil war. Legally — in 1869, when the Supreme court concluded that by engaging in USA, Texas “joined with US in an indissoluble relationship,” of which he can come “either through revolution or with the consent of the States.”

“Yeah, California!” is pinning its hopes on the UN, whose Charter was ratified by the United States. But it is unlikely that Washington acknowledged for the UN to authorize separatism in the United States, and it is unclear how many countries would risk the wrath of the all-powerful America, recognizing an independent California.

The most obvious solution to this issue would be the adoption of new, 28th amendment to the Constitution. But the problem is that if California right for secession should support two-thirds of both houses of Congress and then 38 States out of 50.

It is extremely unlikely, even given the fact that California is increasingly out of step with America, especially trompowsky.

Trump claims that he is an ardent supporter of the Second amendment to the Constitution recognizing the right to arms, while Californians in November voted for pre-qualification of buyers not only guns, but ammunition for them.

Trump was appointed Minister of justice Jeff and Roman sessions, which are fundamentally opposed to all drugs, whereas California has just voted for the legalization of marijuana.

California is huge and heterogeneous. Its coastal areas are very different from the provinces, and the townspeople are noticeably more liberal than the villagers. Clinton scored in the state as a whole a lot of votes, but lost in several rural counties and away from the coast.

In the state of the times there was talk not only about the separation from America, but also the fragmentation itself. The idea is part of the Association of rural Northern California with southern Oregon began in 1941. Cut thus the state would be called Jefferson. This initiative broke about pearl Harbor.

In recent years, voters and lawmakers in several counties of Northern California have spoken out at referendums or resolutions for the creation of Jefferson.

In 2009, a member of the state Assembly, Republican bill maze has proposed a plan to create a state Coastal California consists of 13 counties including Los Angeles and San Francisco. Maze argued that the liberal coastal areas is clamped more conservative parts of the state and advocated the separation of the first to liberate the second.

In 2011, a local politician Jeff stone sought to create a refuge for conservatives, put forward the idea of the state of South Carolina, consisting of 13 counties.

Three years later, the billionaire investor Tim Draper came up with the idea of breaking up California into six States, arguing that they will be easier to manage. He has spent 5.2 million dollars, but has not gained 800 thousand votes, necessary for his initiative was placed in November of this year to the referendum.

Skeptics believe that the authors of these ploys will never gather enough supporters of the separation or fragmentation of the state.

“I don’t see Californians reached a point where most of us would want to secede, says a Professor of election law, a prominent Democrat Darry Sragow. — And I see no circumstances in which the rest of the country thought about it for even a nanosecond”.

The leaders of the independence movement say that they do not expect to achieve it overnight, but will patiently prepare the ground for it.

In other lands they have supporters.

“As a resident of another state, can I donate money to their cause?— ironically asked a Franklin smitty in his letter to the capital of California, Sacramento Bee newspaper. — The election result was fine, but to get rid of California would be akin to orgasm.”

“California can fuck off whenever I want — echoes John Dandy. Personally, I’d be happy if they faded. They are the ultra and on the brink of bankruptcy. Good riddance!”

Experts, however, say with one voice that the majority of Americans in California free swimming soon won’t.