Elections in the occupied Donbass will not be: how did Russia react

The Russian foreign Ministry are nervous and are already talking about Ukraine’s withdrawal from the Minsk agreements

The speaker of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova welcomed the agreement on a new ceasefire from July 27, however, expressed indignation at the fact that Kiev refused to hold elections in the occupied territories of Donbass.

She said this at a briefing, reports the foreign Ministry.

The first thing she decided to indulge in wishful thinking and called a meeting of the Trilateral contact group “direct negotiations” between Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk and supposedly this has made it possible to reach agreement on a truce.

However, serious concern was expressed by Zakharov for holding in Ukraine of the fall elections, since they will not ORDO. The Russian foreign Ministry claimed that the decision of the Parliament on the organization of the elections in Donbas contrary to Minsk agreements (according to the decree of the Parliament elections in ORDA can be held only after security conditions: a ceasefire, the withdrawal of occupation troops and the de-occupation of territories).

“I would like to remind that the package of measures sets a completely different sequence of steps. Must first be amended in the Constitution and other laws in the context of constitutional reforms with emphasis on decentralization and granting Donbas a permanent special status enshrined in the Constitution, elections, and then begin the process of regaining control of Kiev over the border. To complete this process should only after a comprehensive political settlement. In addition, a set of measures mandates the coordination of elections in the Donbass in the direct dialogue of Kyiv with Donetsk and Lugansk. Still not clear what is the last resolution of the Verkhovna Rada for the local elections, which can be interpreted as an actual exit of Ukraine from the Minsk agreements. Need clarification. Demand from the Ukrainian side a clear explanation on this issue”, – said Zakharov.

Note that Kiev has long made clear – in ORDA elections can be held only on condition of ceasefire, withdrawal of Russian troops and the disarmament of combatants, the return of the Ukrainian control over the border. The electoral process should proceed according to the laws of Ukraine with lighting Ukrainian media and OSCE standards.

As reported “Today”, informed Vice-Prime-Minister – Minister for reintegration of the occupied territories Oleksiy Reznikov explained that the elections in the Donbass will be held on a special law.

Earlier, President Vladimir Zelensky also voiced its position on the elections in the Donbass. See his statement in one of the editions of the program “Freedom of speech Savik Shuster”: