Will the Ukrainians to pay tax for b/a items: the answers to the main questions

The state fiscal service recently explained: when implementing your own things and products which have already been used, you need to pay tax. This news caused a strong reaction in social networks and in the media. However, as experts explain, the taxation of b/a products is not a novelty in the Ukrainian Tax code. The website “Today” found out who and what you have to pay tax when selling their own things.

I want to sell old chair or a phone, I need to pay tax?

Yes, by law need to pay tax. “If a thrift store is a legal entity, paying tax on income of natural persons, and military training really have,” explained the website of “Today” on the hotline Gospitalniy service.

The entrepreneur in this situation is considered a tax agent and must pay personal income tax and military duty. The client, who came to take a used item, will pay the same amount that is already deducted taxes.

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But do I have to pay personal income tax and military tax if I rent the thing in a thrift store that was a physical person-the entrepreneur, the tax authorities have not yet decided. “If a thrift store is a natural person-entrepreneur, the answer to the question of whether in this situation to pay taxes, we do not. We have sent a request to the relevant Department and are currently waiting for clarification,” – said on the “hot line” of the SFS.

And what is the tax I pay?

Personal income tax rate in Ukraine – 18%, and military fee of 1.5%. However, selling your own thing, you need to pay only 5% income tax and a 1.5% military tax. For example, if the item which brought in the pawnshop, is estimated at 10 thousand hryvnias, on hand will be available 9350 hryvnia, the remaining amount will be spent on taxes.

In one of the stores of household appliances “website Today,” explained the taxes they pay on their own when undergoing evaluation of the goods, the amount that the client can get “hands on” is already inclusive of all taxes and costs.

“You fill the online form, indicate the condition of appliances, what are the documents, components, leave your name and number, and be contacted by our specialist. He asks a few questions and will be able to name the approximate value of your equipment. More precisely – when you bring equipment to the shop. No you no need to pay taxes, everyone will pay the shop,” – told in one of the drainage network of shops.

By the way, if the cost of the product less than minimum wage (1624 hryvnia), to pay the tax is not necessary.

And if I take the phone to a pawn shop, also need to pay?

If you take b/y thing to the pawnshop and get a certain amount of “duty” to pay taxes, explain in the SFS, it is not necessary. “If the product was exported in payment of debts under the contract, to pay the tax don’t have to. If you’ve only got a certain amount of money as loan, this amount cannot be considered as income hence the tax on the income from it do not need to pay”, – told “Today” on the hotline GFS.

And before the tax to pay it?

Paying taxes when selling used things, the expert said RPR neskhodovsky, Ukraine is not an innovation. This norm operates since 2011. “The new edition of the Tax code was back in 2011. Nothing in this plan for six years not changed. Legislation acted before. Legal entity or individual businessman, which sells goods acts as a tax agent, which should get you 5% personal income tax and submit the information to the State fiscal service,” says tax expert.

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The SFS website “Today” also confirmed that no innovation this year has not appeared. Personal income tax when selling used things Ukrainians pay the first year.

But if I sell your phone on Craigslist, too, will have to pay?

The majority of Ukrainians b/things sold on specialized sites and social networks. The tax authorities keep track of such operations can not, says the lawyer Alexander Plakhotnik. And taxes on such operations, the Ukrainians don’t pay.

“Any of us can now in a matter of hours to sell your phone on the websites, whose names we all know. And taxes do not pay. Why? Because the trace operation is possible only if you sell the thing to the tax agent, registered as natural person-entrepreneur or a legal entity. But transactions between individuals is difficult to trace. You had not declared the income from sales, the tax is not paid, and I know this is very difficult,” – says the lawyer.

Can I be punished if I sell thing on the Internet and not paying tax?

Experts are sure to follow transactions between individuals of the SFS may not like and to punish for failure to pay personal income tax in such situations. If a Ukrainian, says the lawyer, not indicated in the Declaration that earned, for example, five thousand when sold on the social network your old phone, nobody will be able to prove it. “Of course, it would be correct to make a Declaration and pay tax but nobody does that,” said the lawyer.