A military expert said, the APU burned Russian tanks without lethal weapons USA

The Ukrainian military in the Donbass learned how to destroy Russian tanks without a lethal weapon of the Americans, but U.S. aid will help to more effectively counter the enemy. This was stated in an interview with “Apostrophe” military expert Alexey arestovich.

He explained that if the Ukrainian military can effectively destroy armored vehicles of the invaders, then any attack will be thwarted.

“The basis of the Russian attack are the company and battalion tactical groups, which are strengthened with armored vehicles. If they give us anti-tank systems, we knock out armored vehicles, already nobody is coming – there is no potential for occurrence. If we combine the work of anti-tank systems with our increased capabilities and the more we knock out the tanks that reached the front lines, neither of which the Russian offensive speech will not go,” – said arestovich.

He recalled that at the beginning of the war in the disposal of the Ukrainian military was not ATRA, however, managed to destroy many Russian tanks.

“Previously, we had no anti-tank weapons when they attacked, we fought with grenade launchers and LNG, but this is not anti-money. But our boys these reproduktologii means nazhgli a number of tanks in Debaltsevo, mother dear! Still did the following: special forces went in depth and looked, where are grouped the Russian armored reserves, suggests artillery, and it wing these reserves or their repair base, warehouses of fuel and ammunition. For two or three days they have lost the capacity for the offensive. Left tank company, attack on the Ukrainian position, and six tanks have not returned. You go to the next attack? You tank is not planted tank, they will have a glass of teeth-pounding, a cigarette in his mouth will not go”, – said the expert.

He also cited the experience of Georgia, when brought down Russian planes and pilots were afraid to land the plane.

“When was the war in Georgia, the first day, the Georgians had shot down two aircraft. So the next day we all downed pilots – the blood alcohol and the rank of major. This means that without doping they did not fly did not fly young pilots – feared. Flew simcommander of regiments and commanders of the squadrons. As they flew: flew, went over a nearby hill, dumped ammunition on the mountain, came back and told me that bombed the Georgian convoy. The fact that it is very scary – took off from the aerodrome four aircraft but two did not return. No one adds to the mood. Especially when you don’t understand what they are fighting. If the attack the territory of Russia, they will protect their homeland, but now they are the aggressors”, – said arestovich.

We will remind, as it became known in late may, the White house submitted a draft Federal budget of the United States in the 2018 financial year, which envisages, in particular, assistance to Ukraine in different programs totaling about $350 million.

In turn, the Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis said that the U.S. does not exclude that in the future will provide lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine. In the Ministry of defence of the USA has said that plans to provide lethal weapons are evaluated in each case.