How to sleep in hot weather: TOP-6 tips for insomnia

Summer brings not only long-awaited warm and sometimes unbearable heat. Not only that, not all people are fine taking it in the afternoon, and not everyone can control their condition overnight.

When the day, people overheat, and in the evening the temperature in the house falls, sleep becomes extremely difficult. People are wiping themselves with the speakers sweat, toss and turn several times to change the pillow to the cold side, get up drink water and again fall. The morning after the night seems heavy and not at all cheerful.

How to relieve a hot summer night and fall asleep without any problems, knows of “New time”.

1. Take a shower just before bedtime.

Taking a cool shower, you lower body temperature and sleep becomes more comfortable and fresh.

2. When you Wake up, zashtorivayte window.

As soon as you Wake up, open the Drapes. Let the sunlight your body gets the valuable vitamin D, which boosts serotonin levels and elevates mood. But as soon as you are going to work, closes the window, that the room was heated during the day and fall asleep in a cooler room.

3. Use a pillow with buckwheat husk.

Most of us are accustomed to a duvet, or feather pillows with holofiber. To facilitate sleep, the hot summer is to try a pillow with buckwheat husk. This pillow promotes better air ventilation. In addition to its cooling properties, buckwheat pillows accept the anatomical shape of the human head and allow the muscles of the neck and back to relax.

4. And a silk pillowcase.

Silk is a natural temperature regulator, so when the pillow covered with a silk pillowcase, scalp and face to breathe and heat is easier.

5. Choose bedding with a smaller number of threads.

The smaller the density of the fabric of bedding, the easier it is to sleep in the middle of summer. The less threads the better breathability of fabrics.

6. Go to sleep alone.

Perhaps you used to sleep in the arms of a husband or wife, perhaps a night at your feet, a dog sleeping. But to sleep a hot summer night, it is better to fall asleep alone. Additional body next is the extra temperature. To sleep without problems, important air circulation. The more spacious room and bed, the better.