How to bring the case to the end: tips

Many faced with a situation where things accumulate, like a snowball, and how to alter is unclear, as even to approach the solution of cases and problems scary. To avoid this, you should use the tips from this article. You will learn how to plan, manage, and complete all their Affairs, writes

1. To start, make a list.

In fact it is the basis of success and development. The expression of his thoughts on paper helps to better understand themselves, clarify their goals, identify specific steps to achieve them. Right now pick up a pen and write on paper all of your desires. It is better that there were at least a hundred. Written? Now we need to take a little break and get away from paper and everything that you have done. Relax and go do something for 15-20 minutes.

Now you need to remove from this list all of extra. Must remain 5-7 points. These are the basics – the most important thing in life, we call it the creed of the person. Based on this credo and you need to make a life plan. For each item to create goals for 3 years, year, month, day. Try to make the plan as detailed as possible and act upon it within 2 months even if it will be very difficult. With hard work and desire, the results can very pleasantly surprise you, and life rapidly goes up!

2. Things need to be divided into important and less important, their turn – on and long-term.

First you need to perform a critical emergency. This is often the most unpleasant things that have to be postponed, but the implementation of which is vital! Then you need to do is less important urgent things and important long-term. To less important long-term Affairs are bad habits, watching TV, wandering on the Internet. When organizing yourself in the execution of tasks in order of urgency, the latter category of cases will disappear altogether or will take a minimum of time and ceases to be interested in.

3. For minimum urgent cases it is convenient to use the five-minute rule.

If the case can be completed within five minutes, it is evaluated immediately and is deleted. Success starts with small things! Do not delay the small everyday chores for later, use the five-minute rule and your life will become much easier.

4. The most difficult and large cases it is useful to divide it into smaller tasks with specific milestones.

By making this separation, we will explain our brain how to perform this “big” case, and it will be perceived in the mind as an interesting game that brings its own dividends, and not be blocked and deposited something unpleasant and unrealistic. The simpler and faster will be executed subtasks, the better. The main thing is not to stop and carry out all the intermediate stages to the end. Consider the example of how to learn Spanish. Enough in the morning to learn one grammar rule, after lunch, to learn ten new words, and in the evening to make a few sentences using what I had learned today. Using this approach in a few months you will clearly communicate with their partners from Spain.

5. After execution of every business large or intermediate, do not forget to praise yourself.

The work is finished, take it off and Pat yourself on the back! This approach really increases the enthusiasm. You also need to reward yourself for a job done. The benefits may depend on the size and the seriousness of the case. From a delicious Cup of tea with cake, to shopping and trips to the Dominican Islands.

6. The last rule is completed the case – summing-up.

It is best to sum up the results once a week, a month, six months and a year. It helps to look at all the work done on the side to highlight your positive qualities and moments that need to develop or use another approach. Summing up the results will help to make personal growth and move on to the next goals.