The Russians on the border with Ukraine will collect biometric data – Turchynov

Russian citizens crossing the border with Ukraine will select biometric data. The Secretary of the national security Council and defence of Ukraine (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov said today, June 24, at a briefing after the opening of the new border service Department in Kharkiv region.

He stressed that the state border service of Ukraine is ready to pass Russian citizens biometric passports, as well as to the selection they have biometric data.

“The guards expect the technical details, counting what is still needed logistical assistance to the government is determined introduction of a visa regime, to ensure a pass on the biometric passports, when crossing any Russian (border Ed.) to take away his identifying features or the fingerprints, or eye retina. This technical work is carried out. I hope that the government financial support to this work which will result, we believe, within a month, when there is funding,” – said Turchinov.

The NSDC Secretary added that today the state border service lacks the technical means to enter the border-crossing for Russians for biometric passports, avoiding the formation of big queues.

Turchynov also stressed that Ukraine needs to introduce a visa regime for Russian citizens.

“The fact that many Russians no biometric passports, is their question. Let them order themselves. We should firmly defend its borders and to clearly identify anyone who crosses that boundary in the first place – from the aggressor. But I hope that the visa regime will eventually be introduced”, – said Turchinov.