The results of the week: what Ukrainians think about bitwise and war


rose 3.2 points

to 58 (on a scale from 0 to 200) in may the index of consumer sentiment in Ukraine, which is the highest value since July 2014, said the company GfK Ukraine. At the same time the index of expected changes in unemployment dropped by 6.7 points and also recorded for a minimum of two years -135,7. “This result suggests that the perception of the citizens of the state of Affairs in the economy is improving, and the crisis period passed”, – consider in the company.

34% of Ukrainians

I believe it is absolutely unimportant, the introduction of a visa-free regime with the countries-members of the European Union and the other members of the Schengen area. This is evidenced by the results of a sociological survey conducted by Fund “Democratic initiatives” name Ilka Kucheriv jointly with the sociological service of the Razumkov Center. Another 24% believe that the introduction of a visa-free regime is unimportant. At the same time, 29% said that this event is generally important, and 10% is very important.

71% of Ukrainians

concerned about the war in the East, while the question of the standard of living is 60%, according to the results of sociological research conducted by the Kiev international Institute of sociology (KIIS). Concern over the economic situation was expressed by 47% of respondents, security of Ukraine – 21%, the political situation in the country – 13%, relations with Russia – 10%.

increased 1.8 times

lately, the average wage of specialists of local state administrations, Central government agencies 2.4%, said the head of the National Agency for civil service issues Konstantin Vashchenko.

1 586 709 million internally displaced persons

from temporarily occupied by Russia Crimea and Donbas, as of June 19 put on record the Ministry of social policy. For the payment of social assistance to the IDPs to date spent 1.41 billion UAH.

increased to 15-18%

the current share executable judicial decisions, which is almost two times more than it was a year ago. Growth contributed mainly to the introduction in October last year, the remuneration of public performers.

Photo: AFP

206 thousand people

today received the status of combatants, have been awarded state decorations, about 40 thousand soldiers, said the Ministry of defence.

34 thousand soldiers

I am now in the zone of the antiterrorist operation in the Donbass, said the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak.

increased by 7.1%

in annual terms, retail turnover in January-may at constant prices, reported state statistics Committee. In may compared to April it increased by 5.6%, compared with may-2016 – 10.7%.

11 billion cubic meters of gas

on June 20, accumulated in underground gas storages, which is 15% higher than at the same date last year, according to “Ukrtransgaz”. The heating season 2016/2017 years was launched with reserves of 14.7 billion cubic meters.


by 26 billion UAH.

or about 3.5% the government proposes to increase expenditures and revenues of state budget in 2017 – the corresponding bill submitted to the Parliament, but deputies were able to take it only as a basis. Of this amount, UAH 14.1 billion. for payment for housing and communal subsidies, which now accumulated a huge debt.

Of 4.51 billion cubic meters of natural gas

for a total of $1.08 billion were imported by Ukraine in January-April. The average price of imported gas, according to the state statistics service, in April-2017 $209,6 per 1 thousand cubic meters against $234,7 from March 2016.

was 2.5%

the growth of Ukraine’s GDP in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016, this improved refined assessment published state statistics (the previous estimate was 2.4 percent).

rose 0.11%

for the first quarter the gross external debt of Ukraine, to $to 113.6 bn, reported the NBU.


Photo: A. Yaremchuk

reduced by 25.5%

the steel production of the Ukrainian metallurgists in may in annual terms – up to 1.69 million tons, but up with 14 on the 13th place in the list of world manufacturers of this production, said world Association of steel producers (World Steel Association). Leadership in the ranking of world producers have kept China with the increase of 72.3 million tons (an increase of 1.8% compared to may 2016).

increased by 20.8%

in January-may in annual terms, the volume of construction businesses – to 27.4 billion UAH, reported state statistics Committee. While work on new construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment amounted to 80.3% of the total volume of works on capital and current repairs – 10.8% and 8.9%, respectively.

reduced from $17 to 13

basic aviabor at Boryspil airport. Such a reduction will receive all the airlines, and low-cost Rainair will receive their requested $7.5 m for a new airport for directions.

increased by 1.2%

in may in annual terms, industrial production in Ukraine, while in April the decline was 6.1% in March and 2.7%, reported state statistics Committee. But with correction for the effect of calendar days, industrial production in may-2017 may-2016 remained at the same level. In five months, industrial production fell 1.3% over the same period of 2016.

The world

19 Jun

begun formal negotiations on the UK’s exit from the European Union. British officials stress that the priorities and timetable for the negotiations will remain unchanged despite the failure of the British ruling party in the snap elections. The parties have less than two years to arrange all the formalities regarding Brexit.

308 seats out of 577

in the lower house of Parliament received the President’s party of France Emmanuel Makron “Forward Republic” on the results of the General elections. Together with its allies it has an absolute majority. Voter turnout amounted to 42.6%, which was a record low for France.

$2.3 trillion investment

can lose oil company on the background of global intentions to limit global warming, according to a report by Carbon Tracker and the Principles for Responsible Investment. The greatest risks among the largest oil producers are threatening Exxon Mobil up to 50% of the potential of the company’s investments in projects in the period up to 2025 can be unnecessary if the world will change the structure of energy consumption. Next on the list are Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Total and Eni, which could lose about 40% of its capex, and BP with the figure at 30%.

for a total of $75 billion

received orders to Boeing in the framework of international air show in Le Bourget ahead of the competitor Airbus Group($40 billion), according to MarketWatch. In particular, Boeing has received 361 orders from 16 airlines for the new single-aisle airplane 737 Max 10, which was presented at the air show for the first time. Delivery of the aircraft, capable to take aboard up to 230 people, will begin in 2020.