Why is bad to drink ice water

The researchers reported that they were able to prove the harm of ice water for the human body: they found that drinking its not worth it in any case, it is especially dangerous and can be use in hot weather.

Scientists say that many people prefer to drink cold water to quickly quench your thirst, but it is bad and leads to serious problems. According to the researchers, it is much better to just drink cool water or water at room temperature. Such water much faster, you can quench your thirst, and moreover, harm to the gastrointestinal tract will be less writes rambler.ru.

Overall, scientists say that the greatest harm cold water causes the human digestive system. It turns out that during the intake of cold water constricts blood vessels, which leads to slow processing of food.

In addition, after drinking ice water, the body does not get nutrients because the body temperature is about 36.6 degree, but if the body is exposed to cold, it is forced to restore the balance temperature, which leads to energy consumption. As a result, the person does not have enough of a set of microelements.

Also, if you use too cold water in the heat there is a risk of cold, which can also lead to serious complications. Too cold water will stimulate the vagus nerve, after the process of slowing down the rhythm of the heart that is dangerous to life. Thus, scientists say that it is important to take care of the correct temperature of water consumed.