How to make the perfect kebab: tips from the chef of the Georgian cafe


1. Do not go to extremes: don’t slice the meat too finely (the kebabs will be dry) and too large (outside can burn, but inside it does not fry). A great landmark of a matchbox.

2. Do not use for marinade mayonnaise (at high temperatures it emits a lot of harmful substances) and yogurt (distorts meat aroma, stays on top of the film, which burns quickly).

3. It is not necessary to turn the skewer as sarmasik turns the handle of a barrel organ. Because of this enthusiasm you will get crackers with the flavor of the meat. Be the “Martin” sanguine: barbecue likes no fuss, no lethargy.

4. Seeing the flames over the coals, do not grasp the “extinguisher” — a bottle of water spray can get on the meat, and then it roasts unevenly. Better to use coarse salt.

5. Don’t string the meat on skewers cold. Soak them for five minutes over the coals: in this case, the holes in the meat pieces from punctures will be immediately sealed and not released to the outside of the meat juice.