Russia successfully hosted the matches of the confederations Cup

Russia quickly managed to prove its ability to host the world Cup in 2018 during “rehearsal”, which was the confederations Cup. From the earliest days of football events, the Russians demonstrated a complete willingness to undertake more large-scale events, not allowing a single miss, which could tarnish a country’s success.

Confederations Cup broke the generally accepted notion that the Russians, except in rare cases, is not used to smile. These days in Moscow of smiling people everywhere. The Russians understand that their country threw the world a serious challenge, and want it adequately met him.

“Russian long harness, but quickly goes”, as the proverb goes. These words become a reality during the confederations Cup in Russia has proven its ability to organize “an unforgettable football tournament” as a rehearsal for the main sport event — the world Championship on football in 2018.

Without any effort, every fan or observer might notice the measures taken by the Russian government for the success of this event. The Minister of sports and Chairman of the local organizing Committee Vitaly Mutko said that the organizing Committee was able to implement all that was planned: to create the appropriate infrastructure and ease of entry for foreign fans by issuing the ticket holders of “passports fan.” In addition, it was decided to give them the right to free travel on the trains between host cities, as well as travel on other modes of public transport in these cities. The Minister stressed that these measures are intended to guests arriving to Russia from all over the world, was given a most cordial welcome.

In addition, a successful free movement of fans between the four and the host cities of the football tournament: Moscow, St-Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi, as well as within these cities, aimed at facilitating the arrival of fans at football stadiums.

At the stadium “Spartak”, which must pass four games, three of them in the first round, everyone was ready to accept the fans who came for the match between Chile and Cameroon. From the moment of arrival near to stadium metro station fans can see the scale by the authorities of measures to ensure their safety. Russian police and military personnel are so focused, they control literally every inch of the way from the metro station (inside the metro) to the gate of the stadium gates. In addition, the set points for a thorough inspection to ensure maximum comfort to the fans, some of which in interview to the newspaper “al-Akhbar” said he was pleased with the implementation of these procedures.

Also, the Russian authorities have tightened measures against terrorism with the aim of ensuring maximum security of the fans, all this in the framework of the execution of the decree signed by President Vladimir Putin in order to increase the level of preparedness of the security services during the confederations Cup and world Cup. In addition, the Russian authorities intend to do everything necessary to prevent the occurrence of security threats, which would prevent the conduct of the tournament. In particular, the Russian leadership made the decision to refuse admission to the matches 191 football fan who participated in acts of violence during the European Cup in France in 2016. Their identity was identified by using the ticketing system, which requires that every fan showed his ID when buying a ticket.

Volunteers also contributed to the success of the organizing Committee in providing logistical assistance to football fans. More than 5,800 volunteers from among the Russians and foreigners, including 1,600 volunteers in Moscow, assisting the fans, answering all their questions and requests.

American journalist Gabriel Marconi expressed his satisfaction regarding the organization of the event. On the question of the correspondent of the newspaper “al-Akhbar” about his opinion in regard to organizational skills of the Russian side, Markon participated in many international competitions, said that according to his observations it is safe to say that Russia has successfully passed the test. The journalist added that the success of the confederations Cup is a positive indication that the world Cup will be held at the same level.


© RIA Novosti, Vladimir Astapkovich | go to fotobanka. The confederations Cup in 2017. Match Portugal – Mexico

As for mass participation in the event, from this point of view, it can also be considered successful. Thus, at the beginning of the Sabbath has sold more than 480 thousand tickets, which is about 60% of the total (650 thousand), and this figure is likely to rise with the arrival of new tourists wanting to buy tickets for the football tournament.

Canadian journalist Kerri Manuel believes that the number of tickets sold so far can be considered rather high, considering that before the tournament started not many people expressed a desire to follow him. In interview to the newspaper “al-Akhbar” Manuel said FIFA should reconsider the benefits of the tournament, which is detrimental both for fans and teams.

Russian poet Tiutchev in one of his poems says: “Mind can not understand Russia… In Russia one can only believe”. This phrase is a brief expression of the essence of Russian success in the conduct of the confederations Cup. Russia has provided the football fans and his haters a chance to see what should be the ideal soccer tournament, demonstrating exemplary organizational skills at the international level and forcing the public to look forward to the next football event.