How to get rid of dark circles

Bruising under the eyes occur most often from overwork, lack of sleep and a long stay for a computer monitor. However, sometimes dark circles under the eyes indicate some disease. If it’s all in the way of life, to cope with circles under the eyes can help beauty treatments and folk remedies, writes

Causes of dark circles

In order to get rid of the problem, you need to know why there are dark circles under the eyes. This symptom can occur for a number of reasons:

– lack of sleep;
– Smoking;
– excessive use of alcohol;
long stay behind the monitor screen;
– hypovitaminosis;
– frequent stress, fatigue;
– some diseases (thyroid disease, allergies, diseases of the liver and kidneys, disorders in the heart and blood vessels).

Addressing the above factors, as a rule, eliminates eye fatigue and nasty bruises.

Cosmetic procedure to eliminate under eye circles

If dark circles under your eyes trouble you constantly, you can take advantage of modern advances in cosmetology. In particular, to get rid of the problem can help:

– lipofilling – filling podglaznye depressions by adipose tissue taken from the patient;
– microcurrent therapy to reduce skin pigmentation around the eyes;
laser therapy;
– mesotherapy;

To combat dark circles under the eyes you can use traditional medicines – all kinds of masks from natural ingredients:

Potato and curd mask for eyes. Take 2 tbsp mashed potatoes and dilute with warm milk. Apply the mixture on the eye area for 15-20 minutes. The area around the eyes can also put cottage cheese high fat content.
Tea bags. Redness of the eyes and the black eyes will go away after tea lotions. Take the used black tea bags and apply them on eyes for 20-25 minutes.

  Cucumber mask. Finely grate the cucumber, mix with parsley and sour cream. All the ingredients you need to take in equal amounts. Many such mask helps without a trace eliminate dark circles under your eyes.