Doctrine trunovskogo selfishness

This month marks the 70th anniversary of the Marshall plan — the American program the reconstruction and development of Europe’s economy. Later in Europe was a system of multilateral institutions to strengthen democracy, prosperity and peace. The world community came to understand that the conflicts and contradictions must be resolved through dialogue and arrangements. On these principles was built a new international order. Now the era of Pax Americana (“the world order-American”) that emerged after 1945 is under threat because of the doctrine of trunovskogo selfishness in US foreign policy.

The new world order established during the reign of Franklin Roosevelt was based on respect for human rights, the observance of moral principles and freedom. The goal of the new world order was to form a “global society” to work together to fight against new threats and challenges. Millions of people believe that only thus can afford to provide a high standard of living. The new world order has led to the demise of communism, and allowed US to demonstrate their influence in all corners of the planet.

United States achieved world domination, not through military force, but through the use of “soft power”, which is based on the principle — to achieve their goals not by coercion, but by persuasion. In other words, through diplomacy, cultural, political and social values. One of the most significant examples of that time was the famous phrase of Ronald Reagan said in Berlin: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” The words of the American President was more convincing nuclear Arsenal.

And although there is no doubt that a key role in the victory of the United States in the cold war the factor of military deterrence, it is undeniable that it was thanks to “soft power” was able to transform from within the Soviet bloc.

The term “soft power” was first coined by American political scientist Joseph Nye (Joseph Nye) in his book in 1990. Recognizing that military power has always been a kind of “insurance policy”, a guarantee of security, at the same time, it should be noted that thanks to American diplomacy managed to create a new post-war liberal order: the international Monetary Fund, the UN, NATO, and so on.

A long time new world order was the best tool not only to prevent a nuclear world war, but also served as an effective tool to consolidate American power in the world. For this reason, all American presidents — both Republicans and Democrats — sought to preserve and strengthen the new world order.

But with the arrival of the White house trump everything changed.

Starting from January 20, 2017, the global community is concerned about the unpredictable behavior of the tramp and trying to understand what is the foreign policy of the new President.

The answer to this question was given in the pages of The Wall Street Journal, the national security adviser Herbert McMaster (H. R. McMaster) and chief economic Advisor to the President Gary Cohn (Gary Cohn).

“President trump are aware that in the world there is no “world community”, and is the world arena, where Nations, NGOs and companies compete, trying, thus, to outsmart each other,” they said.

That is, on Earth there is not only moral but also strategic principles. Selfishness — the only engine of international relations. This is the doctrine of trump, which he follows throughout his life.

The history of relations between the countries and the people have always been characterized by selfishness and cruelty, and they should not be trying to make things worse. It is necessary to continue to promote the human values that have always been present in US foreign policy. It is necessary to aspire, in spite of the made tragic mistakes of the Vietnam war and Iraq. Human errors are inevitable, but we should always learn to empathize and sympathize with others.

The President of the country should not be guided by selfishness in the formulation of foreign policy. Selfishness does not fit into the framework of the greatness of the United States, which is so admired in the world.

Doctrine trump not only calls for war, but also casts doubt on global leadership of the United States. The responsibility for this falls squarely on the shoulders of the President. No country in the world has managed to undermine the power of Washington, and now it makes your hands trump. He easily makes concessions to Russia and China, both in economic and geopolitical.

Chinese President XI Jinping in awe of the behavior trump, who attempted to gain world domination through soft power. As the tool has been used by the idea of creating a new silk road. About his participation in the silk road project said 64 countries, including key European countries and the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Chinese experts have called the initiative a modern version of the American Marshall plan, aims to spread its influence and hegemony under the slogan of “a unified global community, one destiny!”

Since the Roman Empire, no nation could have in its hands such power, what is the United States. Thus, one should not forget that the invincible and formidable Roman Empire eventually fell. Now for the destruction of the American Empire need a man in the guise of the Emperor.