Putin ensures that the interests of the United States

In Russia in next year’s presidential elections, and Vladimir Putin tirelessly sends to Washington signals that it is committed to constructive dialogue with the United States. The goal, of course, a rational transaction for the benefit of both parties. As for Putin, his goal — the lifting of economic sanctions, which Russia has been subjected to punishment for its aggression in Crimea and Ukraine.

All the way to a political resolution of the conflict in Syria a civil war, lasting six years, lie through Moscow. On the way to achieving the dream of restoring Russia’s position in the world as a superpower Putin has made Russia a regional superpower in the middle East.

He saved Bashar al-Assad, sending Syria two years ago, the Russian aviation. Thus he defended the Russian fleet and air base in Latakia and secured influence in the Eastern Mediterranean. According to a few independent Russian media, Putin’s survivors of terror against the media, Putin is also provided and the added bonus of the Russian economy.

According to these reports, quoted by Israeli television channel “10”, the Russian national oil company last year signed with the Assad government agreement authorizing the establishment of irregular Russian military connections, whose task is to occupy and protect those oil installations, which left the militants of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.). Members of these groups, in particular volunteers who fought in the East of Ukraine and in Chechnya. According to these reports, Russian oil company secured control over 25-40% of oil production in Syria.

The US has interests regarding the solution to the Syrian conflict, but the impact on these interests the Americans are very limited.

The largest resource of the United States — Putin’s desire to improve relations with Washington. Without this resource, the country is powerless.

Characterized by its absence among the negotiators who meet in Kazakhstan under the chairmanship of Russia. Russia, Iran and Turkey try to outline the directions in the section of influence in Syria after the civil war.

In the United States — two goals, one of which is impossible to block the influence of Iran and to prevent Iran to control both sides of the border, Syrian and Iraqi.

The Iranian militia is already present on some checkpoint between Iraq and Syria, and the Syrian side approaching forces of Bashar al-Assad. The only force that has influence on Damascus and Tehran, Russia, and Putin is not inclined to interfere in this dispute.

But it is of interest to help Washington to ensure the US interests in the South-Western part of Syria bordering Jordan and Israel, two allies of the Americans.

Discussion between Putin and trump during the meetings in Hamburg was concerned, in particular, and the security of Jordan and Israel. Both countries fear Iranian influence along their borders, and neither Jordan nor Israel does not hide the fact that going to intervene militarily if the Iranians will move in.

The talks between Putin and trump led to the agreement on the truce in the South-Western part of Syria. It came into force last Sunday, and in Jerusalem and Amman reigns cautious optimism. Discreet, because there is only one that exceeds President trump unpredictability, and is the middle East.

The details of the agreement are kept secret, but it is reported that one of its main points stated that in the area, which falls within the scope of the agreement, the presence of non-Syrians undesirable. Read: especially Iran and Hezbollah.

Russia has created two monitoring center in Amman, and Putin suggested that the ceasefire was observed by the Russian police force, but neither Jordan nor Israel seems very reliable.

However, in regard to Iran, Russian and American interests coincide. Both America and Russia want to limit the influence of Iran. USA — because Iran is consolidating its influence at the expense of US ally Saudi Arabia, and Russia because Moscow is interested in easing the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran gives Moscow the opportunity to play on both sides, creating conditions for the export of Russian weapons.

Yet, with the assistance of Russia, the United States secured two allies. What Moscow will get in return, time will tell.